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Minimum wage, gas prices, neutral package… What changes on the 1st January 2017 – The World

services and more expensive, administrative simplification… what’s new what’s in store for the coming year.

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  • A revaluation modest minimum wage

The minimum wage increases of 0.93 %, what is the change of 9,67 € gross / hour to 9.76. Specifically, one employed full-time (that is to say, to 35 hours a week) will earn 1 481 euros gross per month (1 153 euros net, to be eleven euros more). The government has decided, once again, raise the minimum wage only according to the ” indexation formula ” provided in the act, without adding a boost. A committee of independent experts recommended that ” moderation ” because the ” conditions of use (…) remains precarious “, and the unemployment rate is ” high “.

  • smoke : the neutral package required

To reduce the attractiveness of cigarette packages, the package-neutral – that is to say without any indication of brand, logo, or color, and displaying only the images and text of prevention – has been marketed from the month of may in France. At tobacconists, packets that are neutral can co-exist, until the 1st January, 2017, with the packages the normal way, in order to allow the exhaustion of stocks.

as of the new year, this coexistence will be prohibited. This device inscribed in the text of the act health, voted in December 2015 and enacted by January 2016, they still are a minority in Europe ; only a few countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland having tried the experiment. Australia is the first country to have adopted this type of law.

  • The salary slip simplified and dematerialized

at the End of 2014, the government had expressed the wish to simplify the payslip. A first step is taken : undertakings with at least 300 people will now have to give their personal the new model of salary (the companies of smaller size are being kept from the 1st January 2018).

The goal is to make this document more readable and more educational. The number of rows will be divided by two, with labels, and who seek to be clearer and a grouping by expense categories. This presentation is designed to do easily understand the amount of the contributions due by the employees and by the patrons, taking into account any exemptions to which they may benefit. It also makes manifest the relief of contributions, such as those granted for salaries lower than or equal to 1.6 times the minimum wage (in the framework of the pact of responsibility). The lines of membership fees will be collected by thematic areas (unemployment insurance, pensions, supplemental health, etc.).

in addition, companies will be able to pass it on to their personal pay slips in electronic form, unless the employee wishes to continue to receive a document in paper.

These changes are based on recommendations made in a report released in July 2015 by Jean-Christophe Sciberras, HR manager of the chemistry group Solvay.

  • The energy tariffs rise

The price of gas will increase by more than 5 %. Because, first of all, the increase in regulated prices, due to an increase in the costs of supply of Engie (ex-GDF Suez), in the wake of the rise in oil prices. Added to this is the raising of the tax domestic consumption on natural gas – or climate-energy contribution (carbon tax) : it goes from 4.34 euros per megawatt-hour to 5.88 euros, which should lead to an increase of 3.5% of the invoice.

as regards heating oil, the domestic tax on the consumption of energy products will be it, an increase of approximately 27 euros for an order of 1,000 litres), under a provision of the amending finance act for 2015 : in 2017, it will 142,6 € (per 1,000 litres), which is more than double compared to 2014.

  • The divorce without going in front of the judge

Now, divorce by mutual consent will take place without the intervention of a judge. This concerns 55% of the separations. The law of 18 November on ” the justice of XXIe century “ removes the registration by the judge of family affairs, the divorce agreement when the spouses are in agreement about the breaking of the bonds of marriage and its consequences : child custody, child support, alimony, distribution of patrimony, etc. – He homologuait 99 % of these divorces. On the other hand, each spouse should have his own lawyer to ensure the balance of interests.

once the agreement is negotiated, a period of fifteen days is imposed prior to the signing to allow the withdrawal of one of the spouses. The agreement is then registered with a notary, which gives it binding force. Couples with children will be able to nevertheless request the court if the child so requests. The reform will be rid of the deadlines imposed by the congestion of the courts, but may increase the cost of divorce, because of the mandatory intervention of two lawyers.

  • The bank charges soar

According to a study carried out by the comparator for Le Figaro involving 54 institutions, the banks are slashing their prices to restore their profitability. The account maintenance fee will increase by an average of 13 % as of the 1st January, 2017. Other expenses, such as withdrawals in atms of other banks, will be more expensive by 4.5% on average. The price of a card debit will increase from 3.35 %. On the packages of the products, the increase was 2.61 %.

  • The price of stamps soars

The rates of mail increase of 3.1% in average, according to The Post, ” ensure the sustainability of the universal service in a context of declining mail volumes “. The stamp is a red letter priority will be increased from 0.80 to 0.85 to euro, (+ 6.3 per cent). The green will increase from 0.70 to 0.73 euro (+ 4,3 %). The écopli, him, rose from 68 to 71 cents (+ 4.4 per cent). A recommended cost now 3,95 euros, against 3,77 euro (+ 4,8 %).

  • additional taxes on insurance contracts

The tax levied on each contract of insurance (auto, home,…) to compensate the victims of terrorism will be raised from 4.30 to 5.90 euros. Home insurance will see the highest increase, of up to 2.50 % on average, according to projections from the research firm Facts & Figures (from + 2,64 % in 2016). Automobile insurance contracts should, on average, to climb 1.5 %, compared with + 0.64 per cent in 2016.

  • complementary health more expensive

the increase in The price for the individual contracts should be between + 2 % and + 4 % on average, while the collective contracts will increase by between + 3 % and + 5 %. This would be due to the growth of health spending, and the generalization of the complementary to all employees from January 2016.

  • The plastic bag “single-use” is eradicated

In the rays of fruit and vegetables, pockets of very fine non-biodegradable designed to weigh and pack the foodstuffs are prohibited. The shopping bags of supermarket of less than 50 microns thick, had suffered the same fate the 1st July 2016.

This is the culmination of ten years of battle to achieve control of these major polluters of the seas. Now, the law does not allow more than compostable bags by individuals with at least 30 % of plant materials (corn starch, potato starch). This content should gradually increase to reach 60 % in 2025. The bags of new generation must be composted by individuals or be the subject of a separate collection of bio-waste.

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