Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ski resorts : the lack of snow is 30 to 40% of seasonal workers in unemployment – The Parisian

The CGT, which met on Tuesday the prefect of Savoie, requires the systematic implementation of the activity in part in the ski resorts.

Syears snow, the t-bar to remain at the stop and the ski instructors are idle. Three weeks after the start of the winter sports season, “30% to 40% of seasonal workers” to be hired in the French resorts for skiing are still unemployed, denounced the CGT on Tuesday. The fault of global warming, which would deprive the tops of their white coat this winter. The stations should organize themselves, because this disaster scenario is repeated now at the beginning of each season.

The union, which met on Tuesday the prefect of the Savoie, on this subject, calls for the systematic implementation of the part-time workers and encourages employers to anticipate “rather than to delay or not to hire employees already precarious”.

40 000 people are waiting for hiring

only In the alpine arc, where 120 000 seasonal workers are usually employed during the winter season – in the department of Isère, Savoie and Haute-Savoie, 40 000 people are still waiting for employment, writes Anthony Fatiga, head of the national CGT, who is concerned about the lack of snow recurring for three years in the beginning of the season.

Video. Will there be snow in the resorts for Christmas ?

The union has called for the prefects concerned the compliance of the collective agreement for the sector, which requires employers to include in employment contracts a deadline for hiring the seasonal even if the activity is strongly reduced or zero. This date is determined on a case-by-case basis and is not the same everywhere. Only stations of small size, having less than 20 employees, do not have this obligation.

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