Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rugy: “EDF is in danger of death” because of the “nuclear” – The Point

“EDF is in danger of death” because of the “pebble-the financial” nuclear power, said Wednesday, François de Rugy, a candidate ecologist at the primary organized by the PS, saying refuse to “lie” to the French and to the employees of the company.

“EDF is in danger of death today. I say in a very clear way, is in danger of death for financial reasons,” said M. de Rugy on to RMC, arguing that it was “lied to the French, including during the past four years, on the reality of what is EDF”.

“We have accumulated the debts, and (it) was in front of us a wall of investment (…) up to 100 billion euros, if one wants to extend the nuclear power plants. So I propose, instead, that the 100 billion euros, to invest in the development of renewable energies”, explained the member of parliament for the Loire-Atlantic, which aims in its programme of getting to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

“we must therefore say to the employees of EDF, +yes we are going to close the plants, we’re not going to lie to you, we’ll do it together, you will all be converted, you will all be kept within the company EDF,” he added.

According to Mr. de Rugy, “it is, moreover, in making this shift, you will save EDF, without which (the company) risk of dying because of the cannonballs financial feet because of the nuclear”.

Mr. de Rugy has also estimated that the closure of the plant of Fessenheim, a campaign promise of François Hollande, was “quite possible” by the end of the quinquennium. “There is still time to do so before the end of the mandate”, he said.

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