Saturday, December 24, 2016

Soon your Mcdonald’s delivered to your home ? – The Point

While the restaurants bend over willy-nilly to the new mode of home delivery, Mcdonald’s will he succumb to the trend (economic) ? According to information from the american site Business Insider, the american giant could test this mode of consumption soon. Mcdonalds could partner with UberEats, the service of the company Uber, as early as January 2017. Some 200 restaurants will be integrated in the framework of this test. Like Foodora, Deliveroo or Allo Resto, guests can order and pay from the application of the mark. If the test is successful, this service could be widespread in the United States and other major markets of the group.

The us company has already tried, in small doses, to home delivery, especially in Asia and the Middle East. But to be associated with an actor as UberEats could prove to be good starting point to gain a foothold and gain market share.

Mcdonald’s like pizza ?

The patterns of use have changed. After the dishes prepared, many households, especially in large cities, have opted for home delivery. A way to balance good food and comforts of home (home 2.0). In France, according to Matthew Birach and ceo of Take Eat Easy – interviewed last may by The Figaro, the market would be 250 million euros. A beautiful cake shared by a few players who are tearing themselves apart to get the exclusives restaurants, headlights as Big Fernand, who has signed with Take Eat Easy. Mcdonald’s could it be ?

The chain of fast-food has a strike force amazing. However, consumers who are engage in home choose restaurants instead of top of the range. Ordering in a restaurant less side will he part of the new habits ? Or Mcdonald’s will follow eventually the trend, which has existed for a very long time, fast-food chains specializing in pizza ?


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