Sunday, December 4, 2016

The French were worried for health insurance – The Figaro

Three French people out of four say they are “worried” for the future of health insurance, that a large majority calls for “fundamental reform” of any “emergency”, according to a survey Odoxa published today by Le Parisien-today-in-France.

the study shows The attachment of the French to their health insurance system, considered to be “good” by 84% of the respondents. The same proportion considers it “better” than other countries”. But they are almost as much to think “at risk” (79%) and to fear for their “sustainability” (74%). For almost six French out of ten (58%), it is not “viable in the long term”. “It would be urgent to the in-depth reform”, say a large majority of respondents (69%).

They reject the two solutions flagship proposed by François Fillon, the candidate of the right in the presidential election: 58% oppose an increase of the costs of health care by the mutual and 89% are hostile to the fact not to reimburse the drug for the most serious diseases.

Several other measures are, however, favoured by the French : “to promote the ambulatory care to reduce inpatient expenditure” (82% approval), “to develop the use of generic medicines” (77%), “encourage doctors to limit the sick” (72%). But the French do not believe that the situation of the health insurance will improve. Almost all respondents (91%) “fear of having to pay more for his health in the future”.


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