Sunday, December 4, 2016

Apple reveals its plans for the autonomous car – The Figaro

The american group Apple last week wrote to the federal agency for traffic safety (NHTSA) to give its opinion on a draft of guidelines for autonomous cars.

We know a little more about the ambitions of Apple for the autonomous car. The american giant has, for the first time, made public its plans on the matter, in a letter sent last week to the federal agency for traffic safety (NHTSA). Apple says it is particularly “excited by the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transport”. “Apple is eager to collaborate with NHTSA and other parties in order that one can enjoy in a safe, responsible and timely of the important societal benefits of automated vehicles”, also writes Steve Kenner, director of the group in charge of the “product integrity”. “There are many potential applications for these technologies, including the future of transportation, so we want to work with the NHTSA to define the best practices for the sector”, he added.

In its letter, Apple requests that the new entrants are not penalised by regulatory requirements more onerous than the manufacturers established. “In order to maximize the benefits in terms of safety of the automated vehicles, to encourage innovation, and promote fair competition, the established manufacturers and new entrants should be treated equally,” he writes. He also said he was in favour of sharing data, including data on accidents, arguing that this would help “build a more comprehensive database than what one company could do alone.”

rumors are recurrent suitable for at least two years at Apple’s big ambitions in the automotive sector, in the framework of its “project Titan”, the name given in-house team of more than a thousand members in charge of tackling the market of the construction of autonomous cars by 2020. The boss of the group, Tim Cook, has never confirmed the existence of the project, but he has repeatedly made remarks likely to fuel speculation. He had particularly referred, following an investment of one billion dollars made in the spring in the chinese company, booking car with driver Didi, “the strategic things the two companies can do together on the long term.”

in Early September, the New York Times had, however, said that the group had reviewed its ambitions downward and licensee staff in the context of a “reset” of the project Titan: instead of seeking to design and produce a car in full, the group would focus now on the technologies for the vehicles to drive autonomously.


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