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In his fief, François Fillon has made Thursday, his first trip as a presidential candidate. It has reaffirmed the fundamentals of his campaign for the primary on the right.

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French prime minister François Fillon to Chantenay-Villedieu (Sarthe) on the 1st of December.

Back to basics… and to the fundamentals. Four days after his victory in the primary from the right, French prime minister François Fillon made his first trip to campaign for the presidential election in its stronghold of la Sarthe, Thursday, 1st December, reiterating the main thrust of his campaign. As if he wished to give a pledge to his constituents, showing that he had not forgotten the ingredients that have made its success in the face of Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppé : his anchor rural and its ability to meet the expectations of the people in the rural areas ; his line liberal economy ; its posture gaullist, beyond issues supporters.

The man who arrived around 11 a.m. to the city hall of Chantenay-Villedieu, surrounded by a cloud of journalists, was on familiar ground : it is here that François Fillon started his first election campaign. The young parliamentary assistant was just 27 years old and struggled in the perspective of the laws of 1981, which allowed him to be anchored politically in the Sarthe. Thirty-five years later, the child of the country came to relax with his family in the village of 874 inhabitants, famous for its celebration of the rillettes, organized each summer. Here, the ex-prime minister has given $ scores ” worthy of Cuba, ” – according to its terms – in the second round of the primary school : 95 % in the nearest office, 87,25 % in the Sarthe…

Image of the vicinity

After three days of negotiations to determine the composition of the direction of LR and that of his campaign team, that will be announced on 12 December, Mr Fillon has wanted to release an image of proximity, listening to the French. ” The trip was the opportunity to close the parenthesis of the last three days, where I was locked in the microcosm “, he recognised, before promising to devote his energy to “go to the encounter of the French people” by the first round of the presidential election. Which didn’t stop him from dragging that ” the gathering is possible “ with François Bayrou…

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The candidate, who is often compared to a farmer who digs its furrow during the primary, is posed as the defender of the campaigns, praising at the same time, its recipes liberal : the ” The commune, where farmers are experiencing difficulties so that they work 70 hours a week, it is the symbol of a rural France, which suffers in silence and needs to be supported and freed from the constraints and standards to which it is exposed. “To return the image of the candidate for the land, he had taken care to remove the tie that he wears traditionally preferring a simple turtleneck. After shaking a few hands, in the village of the village, where he makes the rounds of the traders, it is staged in front of a livestock of chickens and pigs at a local farm. To the delight of cameramen and photographers present.

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Its objective : to establish the base assembly election from the rural population, who have chosen it in mass during the primary. With the hope to dissuade them to pass to the FN. While his ability to capture the vote of the popular vote – attempted by the party frontiste – posed question, Mr. Fillon said that it was very important for him ” to succeed in convincing the French that can be desperate, which may be tempted by this vote extremist, to come and vote for a candidate who makes no demagoguery, which is exactly the opposite of the populist “.

French prime minister François Fillon to Chantenay-Villedieu (Sarthe) on the 1st of December.

Accused of wanting to undermine the public services, with its proposal to remove 500 000 civil service posts, Mr Fillon has also considered ” priority “ of” bring the high speed broadband in rural areas to create new public services using the digital.” An attempt to reassure those who are concerned about the ” social degradation “, that could cause his election.

in Front of elected officials who complained about the reductions in allocations to local authorities, it has also found it necessary to” invest “ in new transportation infrastructures (canals, rail lines) in order to restart ” the dynamism of the rural economy, especially agriculture “.

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And for “invest” as the State ” has no money “, the ex-prime minister has a plan in mind : he wants ” re-privatization, “. the ” That the State of capital of companies of the commercial sector where it is not absolutely necessary “, he urged, citing the case of Renault, where the State holds 19.7% of the units. the ” liberty is The guiding thread of my campaign “, he pointed out, showing that he did not intend to lose its savour appearance liberal to his project despite the attacks of his opponents for 2017.

French prime minister François Fillon during his first trip to campaign for Chantenay-Villedieu (Sarthe) on December 1.

Mr Fillon has also responded to the arrows of which he is the target for all units. Whether for his own project for the social security or for the conservative of his vision of the company. the ” I’ve seen that my election and my project elicited an immense mobilization of the left, in the end, shame to have missed all that she has undertaken in the past five years “, he accused. Prior to the return of the extreme back-to-back : ” Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are engaging in a campaign of anti-Fillon. Me, I’m starting in a campaign for the French people “, a-t-he assured.

With good hope of winning, as illustrated by a scene funny. Has the deli in the village, then an announcement indicates that the store is looking for a ” worker-butcher-charcuterie “, a journalist asked jokingly to Mr Fillon if he ” postulate “. “No, because it is necessary to be competent for this position “, ” replied the latter. ” And the president, you are competent ? “, the stimulus-t-on. Response time of the pretender to the Elysee : ” I hope not ! “


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