Thursday, December 1, 2016

Good plan : the plan of Free Mobile at a price never before seen on – The Express

For a surprise, this is a surprise. Like every year, having just ended the promotion of its Freebox Crystal (sold at 1.99 euros per month for 1 year), Free Mobile has just launched its promotion of the end of the year on its mobile plan everything unlimited. The operator has joined Sosh, B&You, Red, Bouygues, SFR and others, who also are on the ranks for with prices to floor price to win new subscribers.

A package at a price never seen !

This year, Free mobile taps even stronger : his package all unlimited € 19.99 per month usually, 15,99 € for Freebox subscribers) is proposed to… to 2.99 € for 1 year ! 1 euro better than last year ! Never seen before !

Bon plan : the plan of Free Mobile at a price never before seen on

Recall that for this price, this package offers unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France, to mobiles Usa, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China, French overseas departments and to landlines in 100 destinations ; unlimited SMS in metropolitan France and to DOM ; unlimited MMS in metropolitan France ; the unlimited SMS from Europe and overseas to the mobile operators French ; an envelope Web 50 Gb of 4G (3gb on 3G) and a Pass destinations to call from abroad 35 days/year (European Union, Usa, FR, Canada, Israel, Australia, Norway, Iceland and, since this week, South Africa) as well as calls, SMS/MMS unlimited destination & Internet 3gb (deducted from the package) in 3G.

Ouch… a heck of a restriction

As usual, Free borders, access to the package by imposing conditions. And this year, they are drastic : are not, in fact, allowed to subscribe as members “to the exclusion of the members who have already benefited from a promotional offer of mobile Free sale-private over the past 13 months and have terminated the offer since the 01/10/2016″. While until then it was not necessary to have been a customer of the operator during the last three months. The promotion is therefore likely to be a lot of disappointed, especially the hunters of packages cheap accustomed to subscribe via Sale-private.

Still, last year, the offer of Free (3.99 euros) had elicited an immediate reaction. SFR (owner of The Express), through its subsidiary low-cost Red, had the next day sold off its package similar to the same price. What had given rise to the largest driven cross to subscribers of the entire history of the mobile phone. Still, for consumers who prefer other networks, they can also already turning to the promotional offers currently proposed by Bouygues, Orange,… which have drawn very early in their offers this year.


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