Thursday, December 1, 2016

Automobile : the startle of the French market in November – The Point

The market is a French car is back to full speed in November with a growth of 8.5% compared to the same month of 2015, allowing him to erase the setback suffered in the early fall, according to statistics released Thursday. More significant, about 11 months, the increase in deliveries of new passenger cars amounted to 5 %, in line with the forecasts of the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA). This represents 1,82 million units in 11 months.

The symbolic threshold of two million registrations could be reached in 2016, after 1.91 million in 2015 and 1.79 million in the previous two years. But after months of uninterrupted growth, 2016 has seen the market hoqueter, including with – 2.5% in September and 4 % in October.

While 163 170 new passenger cars have been put in circulation last month, the Renault group saw its registrations soar by 23.3 %, in particular thanks to its low cost brand, Dacia, whose deliveries have surged by no less than 60.4 per cent after a collapse the previous months.

The rival French company renault, the PSA group, however, lost ground as its volume are contracted by 2.8 %. In case, the bad behavior of Citroën (- 5,6 %) due to the change of the model around the launch of the new C3 and above all the brand’s high-end DS (- 24,9 %) than the low progression of Peugeot (+ 0,7 %) was not able to balance.

A, or twelve months,

But again, while Peugeot is also in the full launch of the 3008, which is promised to a big success, the monthly statistics do not have a lot of sense. All the more that some brands inject occasionally large amounts of cars through fleet and leasing companies.

On the whole of the year, the PSA group remains number one in sales in France, with 28.3 % of the market of new passenger cars, but growth of 0.4% in volume is much lower than the average of 5 %. Renault, for its part, displayed a volume growth of 8.9% and gained nearly a point of market share in 11 months, with 25.6 % of the registrations.

The French manufacturers remain prophets in their own country : they arrogate to themselves almost 54 % of the market of new cars and monopolize the “top 10″ of the best selling models. The Renault Clio is way out in the head (5.5% of the market), followed by the Peugeot 208 (4.9 %) and 308 (3.9 percent).

Behind the groups traffic, the Volkswagen group remains the first importer. Its registrations were up 6.7% in November, better than at the beginning of the year marked by the consequences of the cheat to diesel engines. Over 11 months, its deliveries grow by only 1.3 %, the Volkswagen brand in the red (- 2,1 %) being offset by the good performance of Audi (+ 9,2 %).

Jeep saves Fiat

The BMW group (including Mini) comes in the fourth place over 11 months, with 4.23 per cent of the market, even if it is distanced by VW which has elapsed three times more cars in France. The deliveries of the group bavarian rose 13.4% since the beginning of 2016, but only 3.3% in November.

Always on 11 months, the Toyota group comes fifth in France (to 4.05 % of the market), its volumes increasing by 7.5 per cent. That is less than the group Fiat-Chrysler, always in form thanks to its 4×4 urban Jeep, and offers an 11.9 % increase from January for a market share of 4 %.

It exceeds the Ford group, which made about him and grey on the year (- 2 %). It is a lot better, however, that Nissan, partner of Renault whose registrations have plunged 6% in 11 months compared to the same period of 2015.


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