Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wrath of VTC : “These people who were in the street are not the drivers of VTC in the soul” – Franceinfo

The conflict between the drivers for Uber and their employer has dropped a ton on Sunday even if a complaint has been filed by the company against several unions. They were no more than a handful to show in Paris after the announcement of a meeting at the ministry of Transport Monday, 19 December, at the initiative of the Secretary of State Alain Vidalies. Nearly 300 drivers VTC denounced for several days the fall of their income. But for the spokesperson of Uber France Gregory Kopp, a guest on franceinfo, “those people that were in the street are not the drivers of VTC in the soul“.

Why did you agree to discuss this on Monday with the drivers ?

We get all the drivers, all their representatives in spite of all the violence this weekend. And besides, I have a thought for the 22 000 drivers of VTC French, including the image, then they are doing a superb job, is degraded because of a handful of drivers who are on the street and who do not represent them.

These protests in recent days have sometimes been violent. What image reste-t-il ?

This is a bad pub for everybody. These people who were in the street are not the drivers of VTC in the soul. They do not represent the 22,000 drivers. They were there to break it and get the end of the platforms, which is not possible everyone in need.

If you agree to discuss this Monday, it is that you might make concessions. Could there be developments in particular on the commissions that you collect from the drivers ?

What you need to know is that these are some of the drivers who are demonstrating, and they do not ask for any of it. They call for the end of the platforms because they want to return to the world before, when it was expensive. What they don’t say is that 10 days ago, prices have risen 13% on Uber. The drivers are going to have a turnover of an additional 5% and even if Uber has increased its commission from 20% to 25%. We too need to be able to continue to invest, because today’s Uber still achieves, globally, of the losses.

In what areas are your investments ?

In the app first, which comes to change. The drivers also have an application. We have a centre in Aubervilliers, which hosts 3 000 drivers a week who come to learn. So you see that we discuss very closely with the drivers. We have premises in the 11 cities in France. There are a whole bunch of investments we are making for the benefit of drivers and passengers for the app to work better. Imagine tomorrow, we have already increased the prices of 13%. If we raise even 20%, there would be much less of passengers who would use the application. The driver would have fewer clients and so in the end it would win even less income

one of The proposals that are the drivers is to lower the commission. Is this possible ?

It would be possible, but today Uber needs the money to continue to invest. Is it that it is not necessary to have a certain balance ? Surely. If the topic overall of this meeting with everyone this is how to ensure that the drivers are still increasing their income, it is very good.

“Uber continues to accept to discuss with its drivers and its representatives” – Gregory Kopp, a spokesman for Uber

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