Saturday, December 17, 2016

VTC/Uber: the government will bring together platforms and drivers Monday – Obs

Paris (AFP) – The drivers of VTC in anger against the reservation platform resumed Saturday their actions, with a dam filter at Orly, promise to continue on Sunday, despite the agreement of Uber in future negotiations and calls on the government to halt the movement.

At the end of the evening, the secretary of State for Transport has once again called on to “put an end to the violence and deadlocks” and announced that he was going to meet Monday at 10: 00am the platforms of VTC (cars transport with a driver) and the representatives of the drivers.

“All in paris!”. Up to 300 drivers of VTC in strike have responded Saturday to a call of the organizers of the movement started Thursday, according to sources the airport.

at the end of a night peppered with incidents in Paris that killed six guards at sight, a policeman and a driver injured, the Unsa-VTC and Capa-VTC have called for a new “blocking” in this weekend of holiday start. They felt that the u.s. platform Uber is “making fun” of them and was trying to “buy time” by agreeing to meet with drivers, without fixing a date.

A hundred cars, according to sources, the airport, have completely congested the access to terminals South and West Orly, where the strikers had put up a dam filter.

Multiple VTC non-strikers have been targeted by jets of eggs, or flour, and the wipers of a vehicle ripped off, according to an AFP journalist.

from 17: 00, the CRS have raised the dam in the calm and from 20: 00 drivers began to leave Orly.

Despite an appeal by the secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidalies to stop the movement, a new gathering was planned Sunday morning in the vicinity of the airport, as well as at Roissy, before an appointment in the late afternoon at Porte Maillot.

The movement could be included in the duration. “It will be all day, the airports, converging towards Paris, and the train stations”, was launched in the evening on BFM TV Sayah Baaroun (Unsa-VTC).

Alain Vidalies has condemned the violence “unacceptable” occurring in the night with non-striking.

The organizations Unsa-VTC and Capa-VTC, as well as Active-VTC had launched on Thursday a campaign against the platforms of reservation and, in particular, Uber, alleging a tariff policy considered and adversely decided without consultation.

Friday, after a meeting at the ministry of Transport, they had decided to stop the lockups during 24 hours, to allow Uber to receive them by Saturday noon.

The american giant, summoned by the French government to dialogue, was announced Friday evening in a press release that he agreed to meet with drivers, saying wanting to “organize the faster an industry round table with all actors”.

During a meeting with the CFDT-Transport Monday, Uber announced the opening in 2017 of discussions to improve the profitability and the social protection of drivers.

- ‘Casualization total’ -

“What we ask for, and the State agrees, it is a date, and a formal appointment with Uber under the tutelage of the State”, told AFP Mr Baaroun.

the goal of The negotiations is to have “a status, a salaried employee or boss,” he added, saying that “the ubérisation” of the company, “it’s the casualization total.”

For his part, Hassan Benbarak, Capa-VTC, complained that Uber has proposed an industry round table with all stakeholders, and not with the only two unions engagement drivers.

“from Monday, we will block the local Uber”, he warned.

In a statement, Uber called it “appeasement” while denouncing the “violence” that occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday, referring to passengers “out of force” vehicles, the “sacking” of cars and “physical violence” against drivers.

The company announced the filing of a complaint and demanded police protection.

According to the company of VTC Group Max, one of its drivers of 56-year-old was “beaten” by the VTC, but had to get out of the hospital on Saturday.


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