Tuesday, December 6, 2016

United states: Trump boasts already Trump on the economy – The Obs

Fayetteville (United States) (AFP) – president-elect american Donald Trump has boasted on Tuesday during a meeting of a quasi-election campaign, the economic effect of his mere election to the White House after the announcement of a massive investment and a surprise that came out of Asia.

“You’ve seen what happens the last two weeks, and yet, it is not even yet in post!” has launched Donald Trump to thousands of supporters in a large hall in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the second leg of his tour of thanks, committed last week.

The republican, 70 years of age was elected four weeks ago exactly.

Donald Trump had announced a few hours earlier, the president and CEO of the giant japanese telecommunications SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, was “okay” to invest 50 billion dollars in the United States, with 50,000 jobs to the key according to him, in the young shoots of the high-tech sector.

The billionaire japanese was at the Trump Tower for this announcement to the contours still unclear. Foxconn, a major subcontractor, the taiwanese Apple, is apparently a co-investor, according to a sheet of paper aloft by the Japanese, who in an interview with the Wall Street Journal explained that the money would come from a technology fund created in conjunction with the sovereign wealth fund of saudi arabia.

Despite the lack of details, the action of SoftBank Group has jumped from 5% at the open of the Tokyo stock Exchange Wednesday.

anyway, the supporters of the republican saw in this announcement a first result of the method Trump.

As in the campaign, the 45th president of the United States, succeeding to Barack Obama on 20 January, has relished the adulation of his supporters, dressed in T-shirts and caps to his name. Thousands of seats remained empty, and the general atmosphere was less electric than during the last visit of the candidate here-even in August.

“We defeat the enemy on the job,” said Donald Trump in a speech of 36 minutes, after it has once again denounced the trade policy of China and the relocation industry. “This must be like a war for us”.

– The ‘rabid’ -

The meeting of Fayetteville, near the large military base of Fort Bragg, was also the occasion for the president-elect to present flesh and bone, general James Mattis, nicknamed “mad”, and to whom he wants to entrust the huge department of Defense.

But the Congress must first vote for an exemption to a law that prohibits the military to lead the Pentagon in the seven years following their retirement; however, general Mattis was given his uniform in 2013, and democrats refuse to make an exception.

“Oh, if he does not receive his exemption, there will be a lot of people not happy”, was threatened by Donald Trump.

But while promising a raise extraordinary military expenditures, he adopted a posture less-interventionist approach, citing the need to “make new friends”, a wink possible in Moscow.

“This destructive cycle of interventions and chaos must end”, he launched, after having lamented the cost of american intervention in the Middle East.

- Trump still Trump -

Since his election, Donald Trump has announced that it has pushed the u.s. manufacturer of air-conditioners Carrier to waive to relocate one of its plants in Mexico, and he has threatened on Tuesday Boeing to cancel the order for new presidential planes Air Force One, considered as too expensive.

His supporters applaud, happy to see that their candidate has evolved into the skin of the president without having denied his side iconoclastic.

“It can be a great leader, he has already proved since a week,” says Maria Moore, aged 37 years, the mother at home.

After Carrier, “today it was the chinese bank Sunbank, 50,000 jobs, that’s great”, welcomes Joann Chylinski, sixty, confusing some of the details.

But a few tens of kilometres, in North Carolina, this tour thank you did nothing to heal the wounds of the country.

“It is for the sake of his ego”, says a banker with the retirement, Steve Plummer, Lillington. “He pretends to want to pull the country together,” said the democratic left. “It is a shame, because it is the cause of divisions”.

On the form, Donald Trump has not changed his communication habits, continuing to tweet actively. And on the bottom, in many cases, it continues to cultivate the ambiguity, refusing to show his cards before negotiations with the Congress and its future international partners.

“The scenario of what we do is not written yet”, he said shortly before the end of his meeting.


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