Sunday, December 4, 2016

Turkish Airlines buys the A340 of the tunisian president ousted Ben Ali – Air-Journal

Turkish Airlines, the national airline of turkey has acquired A340 VIP of the tunisian president ousted Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, says Tunisair on Sunday, confirming the scoop seemed a little early for the weekly Realities.

Parked since 2011 and on sale on the airport Bordeaux-Mérignac since 2012, after the upheavals, geopolitical caused by the arab Spring, the A340-500 Ben Ali, still in exile at Jeddah, saudi Arabia, has been transferred to 181 million dollars (73 million euro) to Turkish Airlines. The negotiations, which remained confidential, were made to last with no doubt a drawback since as a reminder, Tunisair, which has the property, had hoped to obtain $ 250 million tunisian dinars in 2013, for a plane which would have cost even more. Local media claim that up to 600 million tunisian dinars have been invested in total.

The Weekly tunisian Realities has unveiled the first information indicates that according to some rumors, this aircraft would be intended for the Turkish president Recep Tayeep Erdogan.

The airbus A340, which was commissioned in 2009 by Ben Ali, and decorated by Louis Vuitton, includes several rooms arranged for VIP.


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