Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Post launches parcel delivery by drone – The Figaro

VIDEO – After two years of testing, The Post office will deliver once per week, parcels by drone to companies in the Var are installed in an isolated area.

Use the air to deliver packages. After two years of testing, The Post launches into this mode of delivery alternative. The group announced on Thursday to have received the green light from the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) to be able to borrow a regular air corridor in the Var in order to deliver packages by drone.

once A week, the drone takes off from a relay-parcel located in Saint-Maximin-La-Sainte-Baume with a package on board. It will travel 15 kilometres according to parameters pre-recorded and will land in a kind of basket, in Pourrières, near a business incubator isolated involving a dozen start-ups. The drone will remain controlled by an operator approved by the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA). This is a “new way” to access “hard to reach areas” such as mountains, islands, rural areas, argued for The Position that welcomes this “line in the regular commercial”, a world first.

Since June 2014, the French company is working on this new delivery mode, through its subsidiary DPDgroup. “After many tests and over 600 hours of flight, the drone of DPDgroup has demonstrated, in September 2015, his ability of flight in complete autonomy,” says The Post. The drone can be a total travel up to 20 kilometers and carry up to 3 pounds, with a cruising speed of 30 km/h. In the event of a problem, a parachute is a standalone device that can fire automatically.

This new mode of delivery there is a real craze currently. In the United States last July, a drone used by a convenience store “7-Eleven”, has delivered a chicken sandwich, a coffee and a donut to an inhabitant of the region of Reno, Nevada. On Wednesday, the company Amazon announced that it had completed its first delivery via a drone. An individual, who is resident in the Cambridge area, England, near a warehouse of the giant of e-commerce was delivered in less than thirty minutes, a TV box and a bag of Pop-corn, directly on the lawn of his garden.

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