Thursday, December 15, 2016

The government is accelerating the implementation of the reduction of the tax on the income – Franceinfo

It was only supposed to be applicable until August of the next : lower taxes for households, as foreseen in the budget in 2017, will eventually be effective from the month of January. Five months away from the presidential election, the government has decided to accelerate the schedule. This is the meaning of an amendment, submitted Thursday, December 15, at the national Assembly in the context of the debate on the finance bill.

Five million households are affected by this fourth consecutive decrease of the tax on the income. This is the first time that it will not apply in the month of August.

The ministry of Economy and Finance says there was behind this decision no back-penseé election, or no additional effect on the State budget. For Christian Eckert, the secretary of State for the Budget, it is simply to restore the purchasing power to the French as early as the beginning of next year.

This early novel does not change the contours of the measure. The affected households, those earning up to 3 400 euros per month for a couple without children, or 1 700 euros for a single person, will receive a reduction in their income tax of 20%. Taxpayers pay the third party will see the effects of this tax cut in February. For those who are wage, the effect will be felt as early as January. For a household with a child and 3 770 euros of income per month, monthly payments will increase from 211 to 169 euros.

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