Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The bank fees will continue to rise in 2017 – West-France

a management Fee, dues of credit card, price of a cash withdrawal from another bank… A study shows that a number of bank fees will increase in January 2017.

A study, commissioned by the newspaper Le Figaro and performed by the comparator meilleurebanque with 54 banks, reveals that half of the banking institutions will apply new rates in 2017, and most of the reviewing on the rise.

The account maintenance fees, which have become widespread in the last two years, will increase. By an average of 13 %, calculated meilleurebanque. The postal Bank shows the largest increase : the costs are 12 € per year, compared to 6.20 € last year, and 4.20 € in 2015. ” LCL, the Crédit coopératif and a few of the regional banks of Crédit agricole, will remain the few banks not yet in charge “, precise, Le Figaro.

The membership fees for credit cards conventional debit will also increase, by an average of 3,35 %. Whereas the rates of the deferred debit will decrease by 1.12% in average.

What about the withdrawals made in a bank competitor ? In general, banks charge at the end of four or five operations. Five withdrawals will cost on average 21,20 €, which is 4.5% more expensive than in 2015. But it emphasizes the daily, ” three-quarters of banks will update their rates will not increase the price of this service “.

good profits

To justify these rate increases, the banks put the interest rates very low, which made their margins. An argument that sweeps the French Association of users of banks (Afub).

” If rates are very low, it is also because banks borrow themselves at the rate of quasi-null with the european central Bank. So the economic argument does not hold, tackle Serge Master. all the more that the evolution of their benefits varies between +3 % and + 6 %. The BNP has made 2.5 billion euros in profits last year, BPCE 2 billion, and the postal Bank $ 1.3 billion. The banks mostly live poorly, that the increase in their profits did not follow more the upward curve that they have known in years past. “

However, stresses Serge Master, these rate increases relate to basic services, thus affecting in particular the poor households.

For its part, the French banking Federation regrets that ” all the banks are not in the panel study “. And stresses that if some prices increase, others ” drop or not “. In addition to the low interest rates, in order to explain these increases, the FBF is also before the ” regulatory constraints “ important that the ” force to invest “, causing additional constraints.

banks online cheaper

What to do ? “ The users of the banks have the possibility to opt out of these rate increases, by mail with acknowledgement of receipt, prior to their implementation, so before the 31st of December, according to the representative of the Afub. It is sufficient to state the article The 312-1-1 of the French monetary and financial Code. The bank does not have the right to apply the new pricing “.

Some institutions have gone further, and have applied the rate increases in spite of everything. ” We have launched against them, an action against which is in progress “, know the Afub.

banks may also decide to terminate the account, but, according to the Afub, it is an approach that is rarely business.

For its part, the comparator meilleurebanque invites us to turn to online banks, which are generally less expensive than traditional schools. A client “classic” can save 180 € to 190 € per year, assesses the comparator.

a Few examples (d'éevolution of bank charges next year.
a Few examples of the evolution of bank charges next year. | Infographic Ouest-France.


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