Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Postal workers called a national strike, Le Figaro

Then that a debate should be held this Thursday, December 8 in the Senate on the future of the Postal service, three unions have called the 22,000 officers of the group to mobilize. They ask the directorate to take account of the discomfort of the staff as well as the suspension of the reorganization of the work.

The trade unions CGT, SUD-PTT, UNSA of The Post and locally FO have called The Post office staff for a national strike, Thursday, December 8, to protest against the reorganization during The Post, responsible for “working conditions dramatically deteriorated” and “greater suffering at work”. The unions want to obtain the opening of negotiations for all trades of the group and especially on the job, that will determine the success of the transformation of the company. In Paris, they invite the 22,000 officers of The Post office to gather outside the Senate, where it will take place in the afternoon a debate on the future of the Postal service, at the initiative of senators communists. The CGT-Fapt has announced several strike notice in Rhône-Alpes, PACA, Midi-Pyrénées, as well as in the Centre, the North, Aquitaine, pays-de-la-Loire and the parisian region.

” The decline of the letter should encourage The Post office to find new sources of revenues

The senator Jean-Pierre Bosino, mayor of Montataire (Oise) was explained to have been interested in this debate, fearing “a new case of France Telecom (wave of suicides in 2008 and 2009, editor’s note)”. It is necessary “to put The Position under the protection of the citizen, occupying the post offices to prevent their closure and the removal of jobs,” he said. The Position is engaged in a broad program of transformation to become the first operator of services to the person”. This “revolution” requires a reorganization every two years: a pace “fast-paced” denounced by the experts of the HSC, a mutation in “forced march”, according to SOUTH. Even if the discomfort among postal workers key priority for the branch services-mail-parcels, the different trade unions claim that there is a general malaise and that the cases of stress and burn-out concern all the branches of services of the company.

negotiations scheduled in three plenary sessions with management, have started on the 26th of October in the following media coverage of cases of suffering at work, including suicides. This is a group of postal workers who had alerted the trade unions in mid-September, a series of suicides of factors, three of which had been recognized as “accidents” by the management. The management had subsequently submitted by the unions a set of proposals on the job of a factor than the CGT, SUD and the Unsa deem “unacceptable” and which made them leave the table discussions on 21 November 2016. They denounce a “dialogue of the deaf” and “a draft of an agreement that does not respond to the social emergency”. Following the alerts relayed by the media and synidcats, the company had reacted quickly but without compromising the ongoing transformation. Management was also committed to suspend the reorganisation of the working time of the negotiations that must be completed on 19 December, but they are however continued in several departments, according to SUD-PTT and the Unsa.

” Suicide Post: experts are sounding the alarm

In total, the Post office has lost 7300 full-time equivalent posts in 2015 and 48.032 since 2008. The Network, which included a 17,000 post offices under own management, has only about 9,000. Some 8,000 others were processed in partnerships, in the form of postal agencies communal or inter-communal for the two-thirds and relay required by merchants to a third party.


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