Friday, December 16, 2016

Six figures to know about the heritage of French economic in 2015, Le Figaro

about THE SCAN, ECO – according To a note of the Insee, published on Friday, the heritage economic net national increases in 2015 to reach more than 13 billion euros. Households, companies and non-financial, public administrations… how is it distributed ?

• 13.585 billion

The national economic heritage of France bounced back from 1.3% last year after declining 1.8% in 2014, to reach $ 13.585 billion euros. The reasons for this modest recovery? The end of the decline in housing prices.

• 10.692 billion

at the End of 2015, household net wealth represents 10.692 billion euros. Its growth is accelerating from +0.4% in 2014 to + 2.4% in 2015. Firstly, the financial wealth household net worth rebounds (+5% after 4.5% in 2014) “because of the increase in the flow of investments and a valuation of the securities held more important than in 2014,” stressed the study. With regard to the household wealth is composed of 68% of non-financial assets, mainly real estate, the value of which rose 1.2% after a decline of 1.4% a year earlier.

• + 3,4%

This is the increase of the bank investments of households in 2015, after + 2.1% in 2014. The low level of interest rates reduced the opportunity cost of holding liquid assets.

• 2128 billion

In 2015, the net value of non-financial corporations reached 2128 billion euros with an increase of 2.3% in 2015 compared to a decline of 0.4% in the previous year.

• 498 billion

In total, the net worth of financial corporations (banks, investment funds, insurance companies), has diminished of -9,1% in 2015 to reach 498 billion euros (after 5.9% in 2014), but their own funds (2769 billion euros) resuming an upward trend (+ 4% in 2015 after 0.8% in 2014).

• -21,2%

In 2015, the net assets of the public administrations (APU) strongly decreases (- 21.2% in 2015 after -41,2% in 2014). It amounted to 267 billion euros and represents more than 14.9% of the net domestic product (NDP) in 2015, up from nearly 70% in 2007.

Her new decrease reflects a decline in the value of non-financial assets of the public administrations and an increase in the liabilities of their financial wealth greater than that of the assets.


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