Friday, December 16, 2016

Obama is said to have threatened Putin of “serious consequences” if he didn’t stop the cyber – Franceinfo

The head-to-head has had to be muscular. U.s. president Barack Obama said on Friday 15 December, having asked directly in September with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of “stop” the cyber attacks ont disrupted the us presidential election, threatening, “serious consequences if he did not”.

The hacking of emails from the democratic convention and advisers of Hillary Clinton has caused leaks throughout the presidential campaign that have sometimes dominated the political debate.

The democratic president, who will hand over power to the republican Donald Trump on January 20, said at a press conference at the White House that he had concerns, Washington with his Russian counterpart during the G20 summit in China.

According to Yuri Ushakov, an adviser to the Kremlin, quoted Friday by the Tass agency, the Russian president gave to his american counterpart, “a very clear answer” on the subject. the “there has been a conversation in head-to-head and different themes were addressed. It has been referred to. We have given a very clear answer which was no, perhaps not to what Obama was trying to explain to us”, he said.

According to the news channel NBC, several leaders of the us intelligence services think “with a high degree of certainty”, that Vladimir Putin was personally involved in the campaign of cyber attacks carried out against the United States.

After you have refused to accredit in a first time this hypothesis, the FBI is now convinced, in the same way that the CIA, that Russia has stepped in to help Donald Trump to win the presidential election of 8 November, said Friday, two government sources to Reuters. Barack Obama insisted at his press conference, that his successor agrees to an independent investigation into the attack on Russian.

Before his press conference, Barack Obama announced in an interview with national public Radio (NPR) that the Us would take measures against Russia. the “I think that there is no doubt that when any foreign government attempts to undermine the integrity of our elections (…), we must take action and that is what we will do”, he said.

And the u.s. president added that these measures “will be implemented in a timely manner and the way in which we have chosen. Some may be explicit and visible, others may not be (…) Mr Putin is quite aware of this as I think because I spoke directly with him shortly after.”

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