Monday, December 5, 2016

Ask your questions after the victory of the ” no ” in the referendum in Italy – The World

Jérôme Gautheret : For several months, they provided a net benefit to the non (4 to 8 points in general), with many undecided. In addition, the surveys are banned in the last two weeks of the campaign… in short – for once ? – instead, they had well considered the trend.

Jérôme Gautheret : This is the big question. On a technical, one may think that the campaign would not have mobilized the mass, and that the yes have won. After all, a decrease in the number of positions of members of parliament, remove the perfect bicameralism… there wasn’t anything to throw the people in the streets.

But the very style of government of Matteo Renzi prohibited, without doubt, to attempt such a distinction. When one makes a career by promising to send the ruling class to retire and go in case of failure… In all cases, the majority of voters would surely have commented on his person, saw that his person, it is his policy, and vice versa.

Jérôme Gautheret : On paper, nothing says that Sergio Mattarella refers to the new Matteo Renzi, and the assumption had been that is often referred to in the past weeks. But the magnitude of yesterday’s defeat is so strong that there is very little chance of seeing it go back.

Hello and welcome to this chat devoted to the victory of the no, Sunday, in the referendum on constitutional reform in Italy. As of 15: 30, our correspondent in Rome, Jérôme Gautheret, will answer your questions.


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