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Airbus : summary dismissals “may not” be excluded – Boursorama

The CEO of the German Airbus Group, Tom Enders, 17 June 2015 at le Bourget. ( AFP / ERIC PIERMONT )

The CEO of the German Airbus Group, Tom Enders, 17 June 2015 at le Bourget. ( AFP / ERIC PIERMONT )

The management of Airbus had promised, on the 29th of last November : it will be “everything to avoid compulsory redundancies”. Here to take the pledge that there will be no ? “No, I can’t guarantee it,” replied Tom Enders on Monday, le Figaro. “We care about our employees. We will put in place all the measures of support available, including training, mobility and reclassifications internal”.

In addition to these 1.164 deletions of posts, “a number of geographical transfers will be made, mainly to Toulouse,” he said in the $ 325. These transfers will be primarily sites of Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) – which is expected to close according to the trade unions – and Ottobrunn, near Munich, germany, to Toulouse.

The restructuring plan is thus embedded in a context of heightened competition with the rival american Boeing and the arrival on the market of aircraft with chinese and Russian. Airbus points out that its numbers reach 136.600 people in the world, including 54,000 in France. “If we look at the profound and difficult changes that the company has made to its divisions in the past years, I believe that we have a social history that speaks to us,” said Tom Enders.

Airbus size in its own workforce, distribution of the job reductions in Europe.

Airbus size in its own workforce, distribution of the job reductions in Europe. ( AFP / Aude GENET )


How to justify these measures, while the group is at the head of 1,000 billion euros of orders and earn money ? “I understand the questions of our employees,” he added. “We are working to respond to them and explain to them the stakes of this transformation. Given the operational challenges that we face, have 5 billion euros in cash, this is not enough for a group that makes 65 billion of revenue, and that depends as much on the commercial aviation”.

For their part, trade unions have denounced a plan guided by a logic that is purely “financial”, putting forward a record backlog of orders. “It’s a scandal all the more intolerable that the order book of the group is full, superior to 1,000 billion euros, and profits, comfortable, up. With this plan, it is the return unbearable layoffs stock without any justification, economic or industrial”, has denounced the national Front in a press release. “Once again, it appears that the French government has not played its role, while the State is still one of the group of reference shareholders with more than 10% of the share capital”.

“The real reason for these job losses lies in the willingness of the management of Airbus to meet the financial funds hedge the majority shareholders of the group by passing from 6% to 10% the profitability of the company to the detriment of its future,” he criticized the French communist Party. “Airbus belongs to the nation. The communists call for the mobilization of citizens throughout the country to compel the State shareholder to intervene to halt the job cuts and the closure of the site in Suresnes”.


“The Gemini project does not follow a financial logic”, ensures the president and CEO of Airbus. I had announced, as early as 2012, that the process of integration of the enterprise was to continue, that we had to reduce the structures ‘corporate’, reduce the bureaucracy in order to better prepare us to win the race to digitization. I know that it is difficult to communicate this to our employees”.

“It is time to accelerate,” says the German leader. “We can’t stay there, motionless, to congratulate them on being a world leader. Gemini gives us the means to prepare us for the transformation to digital and we have a decision-making process faster. As we reduce the numbers and remove duplicates between Airbus Group and Airbus, we will effect savings. They will be welcome. But this is not the first goal. And I would like to remind you, we create 230 new jobs in research, technology and trades digital”.


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