Sunday, December 18, 2016

White areas digital : Orange, SFR and Bouygues call to revise the draft law – The

The leaders of the three major telecom operators French, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, are urging the parliament to review the guidelines of a draft law aimed in particular to remove the areas without a network for mobile telephony, considering it counter-productive in a commentary published by the Sunday Newspaper.

“We are very concerned about the parliamentary debate on the digital coverage of the territory, in particular the examination of the draft law on the mountain. The intentions of the legislature in the matter are perfectly laudable, but his directions seem counter-productive,” write the CEO of Bouygues Telecom, Olivier Roussat, Orange, Stéphane Richard and SFR, Michel Paulin in their joint letter.

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After the consideration of the draft law to the national Assembly, the Senate has adopted in the night from Wednesday to Thursday provisions to remove the white areas – that is to say, without any network – mobile telephony. It has in particular provided a legislative definition of these areas in order to improve the digital coverage of the territory.

“The legislature, we want to say with respect and frankness that want to decide by the law, in place of the operators, the terms under which they will have to invest and build out their mobile networks in parts of the territory, by forcing them to adopt certain forms of organization and sharing of their facilities, will not have the expected effect”, have warned the officers.

“Far from encouraging investment and improving the coverage, this will upset the economy of our sector”, they argue.However, ensure the CEO, the telecom sector has made almost 8 billion euro investment in 2015 to deploy and maintain networks.

“For this effort ongoing investment in favour of the territories, we do not expect congratulations. A little fiscal restraint and wisdom to regulatory we would be enough…”, argue-they, calling “the legislature to re-examine, on the occasion of the joint mixed committee tomorrow (Monday, editor’s NOTE), all the provisions adopted by the Senate.”

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