Friday, December 9, 2016

United states: Samsung wants to turn off the last Note 7, but Verizon refuses – The Parisian

Samsung announced on Friday its intention to disable its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 7 still in circulation in the United States, which present a risk of explosion, but one of the largest mobile operators in the country, Verizon, refuses.
both groups cite safety issues.
Samsung says it wants to “accelerate the participation” in the recall of these devices, which can explode and catch on fire, so far 93% of those sold in the United States have been reported by their owners.
In a press release, he explains, provide a software update that will be deployed automatically and remotely from the 19th of December, and that “will prevent the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States of charge”, thereby making them unusable as mobile phones.
Verizon, however, refuses to participate in this update “because of the additional risks that this would represent for the owners of Galaxy Note 7, with no other device”.
“We don’t want to make it impossible to contact the family, first aid, or medical professionals in an emergency situation,” noted the operator in a press release.
The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to become a flagship product of Samsung, until multiple copies catch fire or explode.
The group had complained of the batteries, and organized a first reminder massif at the beginning of September. But when the replacement units have also started to ignite, he had finally given up the production.
On the 2.5 million devices recalled worldwide, 1.9 million had been sold in the United States. They have been banned by several airlines, and all aircraft departing from or arrivi ng in the United States.



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