Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trial Lagarde: director of Bercy support Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon – The Express

Christine Lagarde, who was a little too alone on the bench of the accused, has no doubt felt a certain relief for the third day of his trial before the Court of justice of the Republic to listen to the testimony of Bruno Bézard.

In 2008, when it allowed to the businessman Bernard Tapie pocketed $ 403 million of public money for litigation against Crédit lyonnais, the latter was the director of the agency of the interests of the State (EPA), in charge of the interests of the public power.

arbitration, “the worst solution”

It was opposed so strongly that the State abandons the judicial route, classic for the benefit of the arbitration proceedings private which has proved so favourable to the businessman. This option was “a gift that had no justification,” a choice “extremely dangerous” and “the worst solution”, he still denounced this Wednesday.

His notes for the minister of the Economy failed to move the filter to the cabinet, led by Stéphane Richard, which, for its part, refused to testify, as he has the right because he is implicated in the pane in the criminal case. Stéphane Richard, now boss of Orange, wanted, according to Bruno Bézard “whatever happens to lead to arbitration” because of its “understanding fairly advanced the interests of Mr Tapie.”

Christine Lagarde remained stoic

falls When the award in July 2008, the EPA wants to fight in court to contest it. What Christine Lagarde refuses on the grounds that there is very little chance that an appeal will succeed. “… even if we only have one chance in a thousand to win”, he had yet the attempt, assured Bruno Bézard.

this is even more violent than it is assénée in terms very chosen by this high official who has seen thirteen ministers in the course of his career. But the one who is to become director of the IMF in 2011 after the resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has cashed out with no apparent reaction.

“The State apparatus” in question

Bruno Bézard, who now works for an investment fund franco-chinese, does not believe that Christine Lagarde is the sole culprit. Confirming what she said to the judges, he was assured that she was not aware of the latest manipulations of the arbitration proceedings, which have helped to Bernard Tapie reach a pharaonic “moral damages” of € 45 million.

If the arbitration, today suspected to be a colossal diversion of funds, has been chosen, it is because a “good part of the State apparatus would in this sense”, he denounced. Showing himself to be very precise: “the members of the government, the prime minister, the presidency of the Republic,” and their close advisors.

In 2007 and 2008, French prime minister François Fillon was the Prime minister, and Nicolas Sarkozy, as head of State.


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