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The tax cut promised by Holland applied as of January –

Paris on April 18, 2013. Illustration of filling of the declaration of income 2012. Taxes. Document 2042 Cerfa received by mail. – A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES

TAXATION It concerns 5 million French…

Good news for French households. The decrease of the tax on the income promised for 2017 year will apply as of the month of January, not in August, as it should have been the case, voted Thursday evening the deputies, on the proposal of the government.

purchasing Power

An amendment to the draft finance law for 2017 was adopted by the Assembly, without giving rise to any debate, in a semicircle quite a few provided at the beginning of the new reading of the text. It is a matter of restoring the ” purchasing power to the French as early as January (for those who are wage) “, had assured earlier on Twitter the secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert.

The tax cut, announced last summer by the government, has to benefit five million taxpayers among the middle classes. It represents a total of one billion euros. “Usually, monthly payments are calculated by dividing by ten the amount of the tax of the previous year. They do not, therefore, the amendments in finance act, ” explained Bercy.

discounts up to 20 %

” Rather than wait for the month of August, we have chosen to make from the month of January ” or “February for those who are in the third,” a part of the tax cut “, was added. This decrease, which would come into force before the presidential election, and not after, for at the full rate for couples earning up to 3,400 euros of net salary and unattached individuals with incomes up to 1.700 euros.

These limits are increased for families, for example, up to 4,800 euros for a couple with three children.

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people with a tax income of the lower reference to 18.500 euros will have a tax reduction of 20 %. Those who have a taxable income of between 18.500 and 20.500 euros will have a tax reduction of less than 20 %. “For those who benefit from the tax reduction of 20 %, each monthly payment or third party will be reduced automatically 20 % “, explained the finance ministry.

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