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the Three unions have called on postal workers to stop work on Thursday. They are asking the management to take more account of the discomfort of the staff.

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The extensive modernization project of the group concerned the trade unions, which have called for a national day-long strike Thursday, December 8.

The trade unions CGT, SUD-PTT and UNSA of The Post have called on postal workers in a national strike, Thursday, December 8, to denounce, ” a denial “ direction and ” the negotiations too partial “ in the face of the deep malaise of the employees. In Paris, they invite them to gather in front of the Senate, which was to be held in the afternoon a debate on the future of the Postal service. The CFDT F3C and did not support the movement ” to maintain open negotiations claimed the last seven years on the amendment of the trades in the branch e-mail “, ” says the federal secretary Aline Guérard. The unions want to obtain the opening of negotiations for all trades of the group and especially on the job, that will determine the success of the transformation of the company.

The Station is engaged in a vast programme of transformation to ” become the first operator of services to the person “. This “revolution” requires a reorganization every two years : a rate ” frantic “ denounced by the experts of the HSC, a mutation to the ” forced walking “, according to SOUTH. Changes in the nature of the business and the organization of the work on a background of job losses, massive and regular have multiplied the situations of psychosocial risk.

” The case of stress and burn-out are the concern of all trades “

This is a group of postal workers who alerted the trade unions in mid-September, a series of suicides of factors, three of which have been recognized as ” accidents at work ” by the management. The discomfort of postal workers key priority for the branch services-mail-parcels, ” but we can’t minimize the discomfort of those who are in the financial services “ note Valerie Mannevy, of the collective Position CGT, first union organization in the group. ” The cases of stress and burn-out are the concern of all trades, “ emphasizes Nicolas Galepides, secretary-general of the federation SUD-PTT. The absenteeism rate is 6.65 %, exists across the group. the ” for the past two years, more than 7 000 jobs per year that have been deleted. Today, The Post is in need of a flywheel replacements of 25 % and not 10 % to 15 %, as present “, considers Valerie Mannevy.

In response to the warning relayed by the unions and then by the media, the company reacted quickly, but without compromising the ongoing transformation. It opened on October 26, a ” national negotiations on the jobs and conditions of work factors and their supervisors “, with the stated goal of putting in place ” practical measures and quick for the instructors “, , such as the creation of new features – a factor which is versatile, factor-expert service – to improve the replacement of vacant positions.

But this new negotiation, planned three plenary sessions, came to a halt on 21 November, since the second meeting : the CGT, SUD-PTT and the UNSA have slammed the door, denouncing a dialogue of the deaf, ” mesurettes “ and ” a draft of an agreement that does not respond to the social emergency “, ” they say. the ” The executive has received the CGT in a bilateral meeting on Wednesday at 18 hours, and the next day, his draft agreement [detailed 58 pages] was already ready. She has not listened. The Post office does not listen to its employees. It is taking the same path as France Telecom “, says Valerie Mannevy, of the CGT.

Anger and exasperation are shared widely by SUD-PTT, the third strength of association of the group :

” It was out satisfied with the first plenary session, where the management had announced the freezing of reorganizations, but the next day, the managers of several departments told us they have received an email indicating that they were not concerned ! The reorganizations must be stopped everywhere, to begin real negotiations “, believes Nicolas Galepides.

The direction has let go of the ballast

In a new draft agreement sent to the trade unions on 5 December in the evening, three days before the strike, and that The World is provided, the loose direction of the ballast. It is not a matter of ” enable “ factors to work serenely, but their ” ensure that the work is serene “, the external recruitment is enhanced, and a new method for the assessment of workload is defined to take account of the prescribed work, actual work, and the work lived, ” that which is felt by everyone “, specifies the text.

” The number of factors tellers will increase from 500 to 1,000 in 2017, from internal mobility, and we have announced, by the end of 2016, recruitment of an additional 500 factors in CDI, regardless of the outcome of the agreement “ insists Sylvie François, the HR department of the group.

The tone wants to be reassuring. But for SUD-PTT, ” the agreement is not good enough.” The CGT speaks of ” the language of wood, which does not respond to the urgency of the job “. Even the CFDT, which does not take part in the strike, the judge the project ” below expectations ” , and is concerned about a schedule that is too tight. the ” The external recruitment should improve the replacement rate, but will not be sufficient “, says Aline Guérard.

The trade unions deplore the fact that the proposals of The Post to be circumscribed to the branch services-mail-parcels. Of the shares are held on Thursday throughout the territory to say it verbally to management. The negotiations remain open for the third plenary meeting set for 19 December.


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