Sunday, December 18, 2016

The decrease in income tax will be effective from January 2017… –

The tax cut for the middle class, promised by François Hollande, will be applied as early as January for the household wage. An amendment, tabled by the government to the national Assembly…

( — It should enter into force by August 2017, but the government now wishes to apply as early as the month of January. The tax cut on the income for about 5 million middle-class households, promised by François Hollande, and included in the draft budget 2017, will therefore enjoy the relevant French before the presidential election in the spring of 2017.

The ministry of Finance confirmed on Thursday evening that the information published earlier by the internet site of the ‘Echos’. It revealed that the government had tabled an amendment to the draft of finance law (PLF) for introducing this measure…

This amendment has been filed, and it was adopted in the wake, as early as Thursday evening at the national Assembly. On his Twitter account, the secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert said in the afternoon want to restore the “purchasing power to the French as early as January (for those who are wage)”.

The tax relief will affect singles whose income tax reference is lower than 20.500 euro per year, and couples whose income is less than 41,000 euros per year. The schedule is firmed then of 3,700 euros for each half-share.

An average gain of 200 euros per household in question

people with a tax income of the lower reference to 18.500 euros (37.000 euros for a couple) will have a tax reduction of 20%.

Those who have a taxable income of between 18.500 and 20.500 euros (37.000 and 41.000 for a couple) will have a tax reduction of less than 20%. The average gain for all households is expected to fall to 200 euros for 2017…

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