Saturday, December 17, 2016

Taxes on income : “This is not a gift for tax purposes”, asserts Christian Eckert –

income Taxes : “This is not a gift for tax purposes”, asserts Christian Eckert Image Credit : AFP / DOMINIQUE FAGET Credit Media : Bernard Poirette Download

A small gift before time. The decrease of the tax on the income to arrive sooner than expected after the vote in the national Assembly of an amendment to the Finance bill. If it were to take place next August but will apply to the final from the month of January next year. “This is not a gift tax, it is the trajectory of our tax reduction begun in recent years and it may be enough to see the enforcement of laws is, as always, several months, several years later,” said Christian Eckert.

The tax cut, announced last summer by the government, has to benefit five million taxpayers among the middle classes and represents a total of one billion euros. But this ad asks strongly to a few months of the presidential election. “It is the evil spirit, I repeat, there are tired of having laws that do not apply immediately and the French, we the blame. It is part of the reforms to the functioning of the national Assembly,” claimed the secretary of State to the minister of Economy and Finance, in charge of the Budget and public accounts. Before adding : “while some see the other goals, it is very likely that they are a little jealous of our administration”.

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