Friday, December 2, 2016

Soon less sugar in confectionery Nestlé – Provence

The swiss group Nestlé, the world number 1 in the food industry, wants to put less sugar in its products, after having discovered a scientific way to reduce up to 40% the sugar content of its candy, according to a press release published in Vevey, the headquarters of the multinational. the “Our scientists have discovered a completely new way to use a natural ingredient traditional”, said Stefan Catsicas, chief technology officer of the company, quoted in the press release.

The researchers of the company have found a way, using natural ingredients, to change the structure of the sugar in order to put less in the chocolate change the taste, he says. Nestlé adds that he is going to patent the process and that it expects to begin to use it in a range of products from 2018.

The group manufactures including bars, Kitkat and Aero and Smarties.


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