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Soaring gas rates January 1, 2017 –

In January 2017, consumers will suffer from the double penalty, impacted by the rising costs of supplies and the tax internal consumption of gas. Overall, the increase will be around 5% with variations according to categories…

( — Blow hot for the subscribers of the gas by 1 January 2017 ! The prices will climb more than 5% to approximately 5.8 million consumers subject to regulated tariffs of Engie. According to the information published in the Official Journal, this increase reflected the increase in the costs of supply and the development of the domestic duty of consumption on natural gas (TICGN).

Higher procurement costs

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE) has decided to pass on January 1, 2017 the increase in the cost of supply of Engie. It is estimated to be 0.12 euro/kWh for the period of December 1, 2016 January 1, 2017, a 2.3% increase in average fare (excluding taxes).

In retail, the consumer using the gas based cooking will be increased by 0.8%. Users of gas for hot water and cooking are increased by 1.4%. The invoice will be the more salt the only users of gas for heating, since the increase will be 2.4%.

Impact of the TICGN

this adjustment is in addition to the impact of the tax domestic consumption of natural gas (TICGN). It applies to any particular consumer, regardless of its rate base.

“now set to 4.34 euros/MWh, the TICGN is changing January 1, 2017 to reach 5,88 € /MWh”, says the Official Journal. This decision materializes, all the same, an increase of more than 35% of the TICGN per MWh.

How much does it cost ?

These increases materialize for the consumer of the class B0 (cooking and hot water), an annual increase of 9.9 euros. The increase will be from 55.9 euros for users of the class B1 (heating only). The increase is less sensitive in absolute value for the users of gas for only cooking. It will be for them for 2.5 euros on the year.

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