Sunday, December 4, 2016

New registrations : the correct figures for the month of November – Journal of Economics

The month of November is therefore a relief to the automobile industry in France. Because the months of September and especially October had shown a decline that could weigh heavily on the encouraging growth recorded since the beginning of the year (respectively down 2.5% and -4%).

The Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA) now wants to be reassuring : the growth in 2016 should run around 5%, a figure in the nails of its annual forecast. The number of new registrations sold in France since the beginning of the year could reach or even exceed the symbolic threshold of 2 million vehicles. Since January, he has sold 1,82 million units ; last year, the market had reached 1.91 million of new registrations.

Among the manufacturers which have experienced the best performance, it is welcomed Renault with a growth that is very strong 23.3% of its sales, in particular worn by Dacia (+60,4%). This is the soup grin in contrast to the group Peugeot, whose sales decline of 2.8%. The premium brand DS fails severely, with a decline of nearly 25%. In spite of everything, the French manufacturers accounted for 54% of the French market.


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