Monday, December 12, 2016

Europe 1: Elkabbach out of the morning –


in the Face of the audiences in bern, leaded by the departure of hosts, the radio Europe 1 has decided to rejuvenate its morning by replacing her interviewer historic Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, 79 years of age, by the forties Fabien Namias, chief information officer, who lost his post as director-general.

The veteran of the interview policy will be replaced in a week from the 2nd of January but keeps his Sunday morning political show, “Le Grand Rendez-vous”, and wins two interviews, policies, Saturday, and Sunday at 8: 20am.

Fabien Namias, a former journalist, LCI and France 2, who was to become managing director of Europe 1, is paying for the decline of the audiences of the radio, in decline for months. Richard Lenormand, head of the audiovisual segment of Lagardère, takes its place as the representative director of the radio, always headed by Denis Olivennes.

These appointments were announced Monday morning to the employees by Denis Olivennes, who has asked his troops to offer him / her of the changes, particularly in the morning and the afternoon. The hearings of these slices are at half-mast since the departure of Laurent Ruquier to RTL two years ago, and then of his successor, Cyril Hanouna last season, and finally the indentation at the back of Jean-Marc Morandini, who moderated the slice 9: 00 AM/12: 00.

In September-October, with an audience share that topped out at 8.1%, Europe 1 was followed by France Info and RMC, in spite of a change of the grid which 8 hours daily have been given to new voices at the start of the year. And this after a score of 7.6% in the 2nd quarter, its lowest since 2002.

-’shut up, you Elkabbach’-

The last service noticed “JPE”, as the interviewer during the 3rd debate of the primary from the right, has been the occasion for an exchange fraught with Bruno Le Maire, who had criticized a lack of “respect”, when the journalist had, of course, understood that the candidate had no chance of winning the primary. This earned him many critics, in particular on social networks, where it was singled out as the symbol of a lack of renewal in the world of the media.

Professional, a tireless, sometimes lampooned for his political friendships supposed to — of Valéry Giscard D’estaing to Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande –, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach has interviewed all the greats of this world : Arafat, Gorbachev, Mandela, Castro, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Vladimir Putin…

one of his guests the most memorable was, without doubt, the secretary general of the PCF, Georges Marchais, who rabroua during an interview on Antenna 2. The famous line “shut up, you Elkabbach!”, devised by comedians, has in reality never been pronounced as such, but remained in the memories.

Born in Oran, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach went to Europe 1 in 1982 after having been rejected from the direction information of the Antenna 2 after the election of François Mitterrand. He had taken control of the interview policy of the morning on the radio in 1987, where he was subsequently CEO of the station between 2005 and 2008.


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