Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day of mobilization for drivers VTC – The World

They promise to disrupt the traffic in Paris and protest against the rise in commissions on the price of the races.

rate increases, Uber announced on December 8, has been called

Approximately two hundred drivers of transport vehicles with driver (VTC) gathered Thursday, December 15, porte Maillot in Paris to demand better pay and denounce the practices of the platforms of reservation.

at 7: 30 a.m., nearly 150 sedan black, were parked in front of the palais des Congrès, the drivers talking on the quiet under the gaze of the police, but the movement was still possible. the ” Uber = modern slavery “, ” Uber has bled the drivers ‘ “ or ” no disconnects arbitrary “, could be read on the banners deployed.

The following drivers have answered the call of three organizations – the national Union of autonomous trade unions-VTC, Active-VTC and Capa-VTC. Capa-VTC says to expect a movement of magnitude, and illustrates the number of 3 000 drivers, including ” colleagues from lyon, lille, nantes and strasbourg “. The drivers ‘ Union private-VTC (CPC-VTC) provides between 500 and 1 000 drivers.

They should go in the middle of the day at the headquarters of Uber, rue de Cambrai in the 19e arrondissement. Several events are in the vicinity of the airports of Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

The drivers came to say stop ” to the commissions excessive, disconnect and abuse of drivers by the platform, and humiliation “, according to the SCP-VTC, which also denounces the tariff policy implemented in the profession.

Disconnections ” arbitrary “

” Uber sold us the dream, the reality is a nightmare “, ” says Jean-Luc Albert, Active-VTC, that request rates ” concerted “ and ” right of reply “ for drivers who suffer a disconnection ” arbitrarily “, sometimes after a single negative opinion of customer.

The recent increase in the price of Uber in Paris, announced as the day of action on Thursday was in preparation, has not calmed the anger of the associations of drivers, because the us giant has noted that, in the same time the commission taken on each race.

And this announcement, emphasize that, does not erase the decline in unilateral 20 % of the fare, in October 2015, which has given rise to a wave of protest. Once the charge, ” we still have 3.75 euros per hour “, ” said Mr. Albert.

on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Uber said that ” this movement is unrelated to the recent tariff changes “ of the company. He said that since this evolution of the grid ” the income of the partner drivers of Uber have already increased by about 5 % “.

This spokesperson has assured that two of the host associations ” oppose long-standing to the very existence of platforms VTC “ and ” represent only a minority of drivers “. According to him, some of the leaders of the movement ” are also known to police for calls and the facts of violence “.

Multiple associations brush it away

The association VTC of France dissociated itself from this action at the last minute. She had been anticipating ” case “, and said ” give preference to diplomacy “ and not ” the offensive “ as the debates on the act Grandguillaume, meant to soothe relations between taxi drivers and drivers of VTC, are not closed and the text definitely voted.

The federation of Transport of the French democratic Confederation of labour (CFDT-Transport) has called on the drivers to ” disconnected massively “ of the platform Thursday, without a call to protest. The union met on Monday the management of Uber. At the end of this meeting – a first –, Uber and the CFDT have decided to open in 2017 discussions to improve the profitability and the social protection of drivers.


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