Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christine Lagarde, boss of the IMF is respected, but weakened it – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Christine Lagarde, on trial for “negligence” in the case Tapie-Credit Lyonnais, has several times broken the glass ceiling in order to impose itself in the exclusive club of economic leaders of the globe while preserving the image of a leader, unfathomable.

At the end of a meteoric rise, this young sexagenarian (60 year old) has taken control of the international monetary Fund in 2011 after a lease of a longevity record at the head of the ministry of the Economy, two prestigious functions that had never before gone to a woman.

This CV copy is undoubtedly tarnished by a conviction in the case Tapie and could complicate his mandate at the head of the IMF. But it already sounds as a revenge for the one who, as a young lawyer, was denied employment for a simple reason: “They told me +because you’re a woman+” a-t-she told.

Opportunistic and fine tacticienne, this daughter of teachers who did part of his studies in the United States, however, knew how to work around the obstacles to find your place among the greats of this world, where his mane of silver hair now a part of the decoration.

- straight talk -

His appearance in public life dates, however, that in 2005. Chair of us law firm Baker & McKenzie, she is debauched by the French right and between the government of Dominique de Villepin.

This mother of two sons quickly took over the ranks by settling two years later on the orders of the ministry of Economy, shortly before the financial crisis of 2008 and the global recession.

Her career takes on a whole new dimension when it is powered in July 2011 at the head of an IMF traumatized by the sex scandal that brought Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Offering the face a more consensual a woman vegetarian, athletic and a non-smoker, Ms. Lagarde has had to convince the skeptics and restore the reputation of the institution in advocating, in impeccable English, to the orthodox financial approach to the four corners of the globe and specifically in Greece.

On this burning issue that continues to haunt him, it will not hesitate to offend its former european partners, and to sometimes break with the uses the diplomatic.

His straight-talking, he had already played rounds in France, will be the source of an outcry when she called the Greeks, dried by the austerity plans, to pay all “taxes” or when she reproaches implicitly to the authorities not to behave like “adults”.

It is also of Athens, will come a few years later, the most virulent attacks against the action of the IMF, accused of having a “criminal responsibility” in the situation of the country.

“And why not?” -

in the Face of criticism, Ms. Lagarde has been objected to, without much success, the image of an institution “uncompromising and inhuman.” “The IMF is a scapegoat for good practice,” she said at the beginning of July to the AFP after having been renewed, for five years and with honors, at the head of the institution.

over The years, she has also tried to open the Fund to the questions that are unfamiliar to you such as climate change or social inequality, even if the background of his economic thought remains difficult to identify.

One thing is for sure: Christine Lagarde has a lot to do in the coming years in the face of global growth is sluggish and uncertain consequences of Brexit british.

It will also have to deal with the major shock of the election to the White House to Donald Trump, whose promises protectionist contrary to the precepts traditionally preached by the IMF.

Despite the polls are flattering, she seems not prepared to consider to run for the Elysée: “I think I am better made for what I do today for the world of politics and the political actors such that they are”.


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