Monday, December 5, 2016

Airbnb: the revenue passed to the revenue in 2019 – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The national Assembly has given its green light Monday night to an amendment to the draft amended finance act 2016 to compel the online platforms of the type Airbnb in a statement to auto-fisc income of their users, but starting in 2019.

This declaration is automatic, for platforms, French and foreign, must allow the tax administration to supply the declaration pre-filled by the taxpayer, and to calculate the tax due based on the rules applicable to each category of income.

The platforms online are individuals or professionals, with a view to the sale or division of property (a car, a housing, a drill, etc) or the provision of a service (transport, accounting, cooking, diy, etc).

today, “in practice the revenues are very rarely reported, and very rarely controlled, and, in fine is very rarely imposed. This results in a loss of revenue for the State, a legal uncertainty for the taxpayer, and unfair competition for some sectors”, said the socialist deputy of Paris Pascal Cherki in his original amendment, which provided for the entry of immediate application, and was similar to the proposals of the radicals of the left and the IDU.

“The economic and financial stakes are not thin,” noted Dominique Lefebvre (PS) on behalf of the Finance committee, where the amendment had been adopted unanimously. Recent studies have estimated that 28 billion euros the total amount of transactions in Europe in the main sectors of the economy, collaborative amount that could be multiplied by 20 in ten years, he recalled.

However, the secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert has argued that already, “during the last twelve months we have made a lot of progress”, with, for example, the requirement for the platforms to inform the beneficiaries on the status of their income, and “it is necessary to let the devices put in place”.

“We are accused of preventing the development of the collaborative economy.” or “hunting” at the lower income, he also underlined by issuing first of all an unfavourable opinion.

The centrist Charles de Courson has suggested that the application be postponed to 2019, which rallied all stakeholders.

The deputies have already voted in the social Security budget for 2017 an article to make people pay social contributions to individuals renting of goods through collaborative platforms beyond a certain threshold of income (7.720 € for personal property such as cars and 23.000 euros for the real estate).


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