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The mayor of Saint-Nazaire would be “a bad eye” the takeover of the shipyards by the Italian Fincantieri – The World

David Samzun (PS) is to meet on Wednesday the secretary of State in charge of industry, Christophe Sirugue, on the occasion of his visit to the shipyards of the city.

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The mayor socialist of Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), David Samzun, appreciate a little the decision of the commercial court of the central district of Seoul. The proceeding was designated on Tuesday 3 January, the Italian group Fincantieri as the candidate preferred to resume the shipyards of the city, which belonged so far to the south Korean conglomerate STX.

The service must meet the secretary of State in charge of industry, Christophe Sirugue, on the occasion of his visit to the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire on Wednesday. Mr Samzun, the State must ensure ” the sustainability of this flagship industrial “. ” The French State can block this proposal, can construct a complementary proposal, there is still time to the work, he said on France Bleu Loire Ocean. the I would see as a bad thing that Fincantieri is in the majority, and is therefore the patron of our building. “

” today, we have a visibility to ten years. But if the market tightens, the building is not there a risk that they become the variable of adjustment ? Other danger, the transfer of the know-how of Saint-Nazaire to China, where Fincantieri has a subsidiary “, ” says Mr Samzun in West-germany.

” We don’t have to say yes or no “

” We don’t have to say yes or no “ at the Italian Fincantieri has reacted to M. Sirugue in an interview on RMC on Wednesday morning. the ” we said We wanted a european industrial. Fincantieri, it is an industrial and european. It would still today have difficulties to say no. “ ” The interests of Fincantieri, it is to succeed in its operation with the acquisition of STX France, the interest of the French State, it is to preserve our flagship, I believe it is on this basis that the discussion “, has added M. Sirugue.

The secretary of State has also stressed that the issue of technology transfer lies in the negotiations, ” to avoid that we take our know-how “. Unions at STX are concerned with the transfer of French know-how to China, Fincantieri has signed a technology transfer agreement with a chinese group, and, in the longer term, a relocation of production.

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” Airbus liners “

The court of Seoul had little choice about the recovery of the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire. Italian Fincantieri is the only one to have filed an offer in good and due form. The Italian leaders trying to form a european champion, a “Airbus liners” powerful economically, but has also strong political connections : while the Italian State is the controlling shareholder of Fincantieri, the French State will retain its 33 % in the structure of French.

But the case has not yet buckled. On the one hand, the power of the new set could be an incentive for some customers, or rivals as the German Meyer Werft, to seize the authorities of the respect of the competition in order to prevent the formation of a duopoly in Europe. On the other hand, the French State has not said its last word. Politically, he can hardly block the sale of Saint-Nazaire in a european industrial renowned. But the government would like an enlargement of the round table of the French subsidiary to the shipbuilder, military DCNS, that he is in control. This would reinforce the weight of the State and limit the influence of Fincantieri.

one hundred and fifty-five years, more than 120 ships were lifted out of Saint-Nazaire, of which the Normandy, France and, in 2016, theHarmony-of-the-Seas the largest cruise ship ever designed.


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