Monday, January 23, 2017

With 36 controls in 2016 ATR reduces the gas –

The years that followed, but did not look for ATR. The global leader in regional aviation with its headquarters and plants are installed at Blagnac has just revealed a balance sheet 2016 in deceleration. After a good year in 2015, commands in the past year have stalled, with 36 aircraft sold compared to 76 orders a year earlier. “ATR has in recent years experienced strong order intake. Today, the political uncertainty in some countries is slowing down the trend,” said Christian Scherer, the new president of ATR, (read box). A reference in particular to the indonesian market, one of the main markets for the aircraft manufacturer in toulouse, currently crossed by political upheavals and revolts. Side deliveries, 80 devices are pulled out of the channels toulousaines is 10% less than expected. “This is not because of our industrial unit which is capable of delivering 105 aircraft per year, but because some companies have decided to delay deliveries,” said Christian Scherer in an interview restricted to certain media.

In 2015, the shipments had risen to 88 units. With 80 aircraft delivered, the sales of the ATR-’re close to two billion dollars ($ 1.8 billion), confirming its place as the world leader in regional aviation with over 200 airline customers in the world, far ahead of its main rival, the Canadian Bombardier. There are still more than 200 ATR to deliver two and a half years of production.

the Face of the slowdown of orders taken, the new boss of ATR has a plan : “We have received less than half the orders that we have delivered aircraft, so we will redouble our efforts with an aggressive marketing in three markets-key”. In the viewfinder of ATR : the United States, China and India. In addition to-Atlantic, ATR wants to fight “jet mania” that prevents the turborpopulseurs (propeller planes) to install on the market. The firm Blagnac airport has carried out a commercial campaign in 2015. “Discussions are on-going to replace the jets of 50 places of certain companies which are an economic nonsense”, gliding the boss of ATR. The jets consume two times more fuel than an ATR.

Iran : the contract is “imminent”

In China, ATR hopes for a breakthrough on a market where it is completely absent while the provinces are campaigning for the opening of regional lines, far from the great metropolises. In India, ATR is already in discussion with Air India and with regional companies in the framework of a policy of the regional transportation enacted by the government. Finally, Iran Air must sign of how “imminent” his contract for 20 ATR 72-600s.

A new president commands

Christian Scherer is from the month of November last, the new chief executive officer of ATR. This “Airbus boy” dominated by German culture as he was born across the Rhine here it is 54 years old, has spent his entire career within Airbus Group. First, at Airbus, which he joined in 1984 in high positions in business but also in the division space and defense (Airbus Defense & Space). A graduate of ESCP, he also obtained an MBA in international marketing at the university of Ottawa in Canada. ATR is held at parity between Airbus Group and Italian Leonardo (ex-Finmeccanica).

A new ATR 42 study

The teams for ATR reflect to decline the smaller of two aircraft in their range, the ATR 42-600, in a version dedicated to the landing strips very short. Changes are needed on the drift and on the brakes. As amended, the ATR is the only aircraft in the world of this size able to land on short runways located primarily in countries of South-East Asia. Several airlines are already seen to offer this original version for the opening of new trade routes, until then unusable. “The official launch to take place only when the number of purchase commitments will, however, be sufficient”, we find out at the headquarters of the ATR.


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