Monday, January 30, 2017

Auto : Volkswagen chipe to Toyota the unofficial title of world number one – The Echoes

there will be no fifth world crown in a row for Toyota. After having been the largest seller of vehicles in the planet these past four years, the japanese group unveiled Monday sales figures 2016 that place behind Volkswagen on the podium of the main global manufacturers. Toyota has elapsed 10,18 million vehicles in 2016 (a slightly increase of 0.2 %), while its rival German has sold 10.3 million (+3,8 %).

Ironically, Volkswagen has finally achieved his goal – to exceed the cape of 10 million, and delight in the “title” unofficial world number one – a year after having been shaken by the ” Dieselgate “, the biggest scandal in its history, and have officially retired from aggressive racing to the volume that is pushed to the fault.

GM and Renault-Nissan follow

Although slightly up overall, Toyota sales have slowed in the United States, its traditional strong point. And this while the us market is in an olympic shape, inspired by the enthusiasm for the SUV (4X4 urban). On the other side of the globe, the group enjoys little of the growth of the chinese market, where it is not present – there where Volkswagen, conversely, points brand, with sales up 12.2 % over the last year. But it is reinforced in its stronghold of japan in increasing its sales by 5.5% in the Archipelago.

in The end, Toyota sees so VW is the exceed at the global level. The third place of the podium played out between General Motors and Renault-Nissan. GM, the third in 2015, with 9.8 million vehicles, is expected to show a good performance thanks to the booming of the american market. Nissan has announced that Monday, having sold 5.6 million vehicles in 2016 (+2,5 %), when Renault has published a figure of 3.18 million. But their alliance should approach the milestone of 10 million thanks to the addition of the sales of Mitsubishi, Nissan became the main shareholder last year, and the Russian Avtovaz.

A classification symbolic

In reality, this “world ranking” is more of a symbol than a real marker for the automotive industry. On the one hand, because the gap between Volkswagen and Toyota are relatively small on the scale of their respective production (a hundred thousands of vehicles of difference). And if VW is in front in terms of volume, Toyota displayed a much better health than the group of Wolfsburg, weakened by the “Dieselgate” and the difficulties of its Volkswagen brand. The two groups have very different patterns : Volkswagen is a grouping of 12 names, with, in addition to Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda… – when Toyota, which also includes Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino, is based mainly on its flagship brand.

on the other hand, car manufacturers are income of the race to the size. Toyota, the “world champion” from 2008 to 2015 (except in 2011, the year of the tsunami), never has been a stated objective ; General Motors, the former number one, has hampered its growth at any price, in order to focus on her recovery after flirting with disaster in 2008 ; the scandal of the engine-fixing has forced the new leadership of Volkswagen to put an end to the expansionism advocated by the former boss, Martin Winterkorn ; and if Carlos Ghosn built with the Renault-Nissan Alliance is a heavy-weight planetary, he defends himself to make the volume a priority – even if he admits that the place of number one in the world is ” completely achievable “. “The race to the volume is a dimension of another age “, confirms Carlos Tavares, the boss of PSA, last week.

The builders, small or large, have today as the first challenges to follow the technological race, with the development of the electric power and the advent of autonomous cars, and the revolutions of the mobility (car-sharing, rental, etc.).


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