Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wall Street eagerly awaits the first actions of Trump – The Parisian

Wall Street declined slightly this week, showing some signs of impatience on the measures promised by Donald Trump, in which she will examine with attention the first step.
for the past week, the index featured Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.29% to 19.827,25 points and the Nasdaq, to dominant technological 0,34% to 5.555,33 points. The expanded index S&P 500 fell 0.15% to 2.271,31 points.
“This is the calendar that seems to start to be a problem”, a summary Gregori Volokhine of Meeschaert, who considered that this impatience was stimulated by the slowness of the confirmation process for members of the government of the new american president.
The investors are wonderin g at what pace should the one who became the 45th president of the United States Friday will be able to implement his promises of tax cuts, stimulus spending for infrastructure and deregulation of some sectors, which they considered positive and have led to a surge in Wall Street after his election.
“we need to go in hard and know what the government can do”, was judged by David Levy of Republic Wealth Advisors.
The New York stock Exchange shows himself eager for details on the economic policy that intends to carry out to Donald Trump and asked about possible barriers they might face during the adoption of his reforms by the Congress.
most Importantly, investors are hoping that the measures that they see of a good eye will not be overshadowed by the sensational statements of the new president or by a policy protectioniste.
“We are no longer in this state of bliss. They start to say +risks back+,” said Gregori Volokhine.
Wall Street has als o shown the example on Friday, accusing it briefly hit during the inaugural speech of the new president in which he has put forward “America first”.
“The enthusiasm is dampened during the speech of president Donald Trump. I think that in some aspects, it has appeared in confrontation,” said Jack Ablin of BMO.
a Few hours after that, the White House has also said that the United States will leave the north american agreement on free trade (Nafta) if they are unable to renegotiate it.
- results Season -
The interest of Wall Street for the policy is expected to remain strong next week with the first decisions taken by Donald Trump, which will also be seen as clues to what he intends to do with the legacy of the former president Barack Obama.
Even the results of companies in the 4th quarter, with the season in full swing, are read to this lens, investors with a focus to look at the forecast announced by the group for the year to come according to their expectations concerning economic policy.
flagship Industry, “the finance has risen since the election, and on the whole these gains were maintained even after the results are published at the end of last week and beginning of this one,” judged David Levy.
the publication of The results will continue during the coming week including many industry groups and technology.
On the front of the indicators, the markets will meet Friday, the first estimate of us growth in the 4th quarter of last year.
Finally, the monetary policy is gradually returning to the front of the stage after several statements made by the chairman of the u.s. federal Reserve (Fed), Janet Yellen, this week.
“The switches to a tone more conducive to a rise in rates continues,” have considered the bank’s analysts at Barclays in a note.
During the last meeting of its monetary committee (FOMC) last month, the Fed has indicated that it plans to three increase s in rates in 2017, but speculation abounds about how it will take into account the impact of a change in economic policy now that Donald Trump is in power.


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