Friday, January 27, 2017

Lactalis separated from farmers because they have testified on France 2, Le Figaro

The world number one in dairy products has sent a letter to producers of milk for their mean the end of their contract. Concerned, their participation in a story broadcast in the show special Envoy in October.

Lactalis has decided to dispose of several dairy farmers. The world number one dairy sent them a mail on the 13th January last to their mean the end of their collaboration. In question, their testimony in the report “Seriously? Lactalis: the butter and the butter’s money?”, broadcast in the show special Envoy on France 2 last October 13.

“If it belongs to you to be agree with our policy to supply milk, it remains, however, of our jurisdiction and cannot in any case be the object of such a smear”

In the letter received by several producers, including Le Figaro has obtained a copy, the industrial shall indicate: “It is up to you to disagree with our policy to supply milk, it remains, however, of our jurisdiction and cannot in any case be the object of such denigration. In the light of the general context that surrounded your statements, we have made the decision to put an end to our relations.” Lactalis adds, that this judgment shall take effect on the 31 January 2018. “I didn’t think they would dare to do it,” says one of the producers who wishes to remain anonymous.

For his part, the spokesman for Lactalis, Michel Nalet, has confirmed to the Figaro sending the mail “to two producers of Maine and Loire”. The head explains that, “it is not possible to continue a lasting relationship with producers who disparage their employer, but above all the products (…) all this is not acceptable. When a customer-supplier relationship is broken it is necessary to draw conclusions”. On binding contracts Lactalis to dairy farmers, it is specified that the latter have the obligation to respect the image of the group, in which case they may fear a breach of their contract, justifies in addition to Michel Nalet.

More generally, Lactalis has a grudge against the reporting of France 2, involving the dairy group, and its CEO, Emmanuel Besnier. In fact, the giant dairy had filed a complaint and asked for a prohibition of redistribution, He denounced the “unwarranted attacks” and “the broadcast of a programme only to load”. In addition, Emmanuel Besnier blamed journalists for having infringed his privacy by showing images of his residence, the chateau du Vallon in Entrammes Mayenne, in particular thanks to a rollover in a MICROLIGHT. The chain had been sentenced, but the sentence was overturned on appeal.

” Lactalis against special Envoy: the condemnation of France 2 reversed on appeal

This story was circulated shortly after extensive mobilization of the part of the producers of milk where the giant dairy was specifically targeted. The FNSEA, the farmers ‘ union majority, had supported the protest movement, after the failure of negotiations on the price of milk. A year after he barred the roads, the farmers were divided into war against the price of milk, which was considered too low. Lactalis was then specifically targeted in the protest movement. He was accused of buying the gallon of milk cheaper than the other dairy companies such as Danone or Masters Dairy of the Cotentin peninsula. Known for its brands such as camembert or butter President or Lactel, is also the first collector of milk in France with 20 % of produced volumes in the Hexagon.

” The dairy farmers attack the giant Lactalis


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