Monday, January 30, 2017

Purchase by credit card : the ceiling of the contactless payment soon raised to 30 euros – LCI

CONSUMPTION – from the autumn of next year, the contactless payment is possible for amounts up to € 30. The threshold current, 20 euros, will be raised.

Now, it will be even easier… pay. The groupement des cartes bancaires CB said on Monday that the threshold of contactless payment, which allows you to set a purchase card without typing its code, would be raised to 30 euros maximum, against 20 currently.

This enhancement will be in place from next fall, but will take place in several steps. From march to September, the payment terminals of the traders will first be configured to accept the new limit.

payment is on in the fall

Then, from October, will be issued the new contactless payment cards to settle with the new ceiling. On the other hand, the cards in circulation at this time will not be able to use this ceiling of € 30 and will remain limited to a maximum amount of 20 euros.

The groupement des cartes bancaires CB is estimated that 40% of card holders will be able to pay without any contact with the new ceiling of 30 euros by the end of 2018, based on the rate of renewal of cards.

Advantages and disadvantages

widespread in the anglo-saxon countries, in France, the first experiments of contactless payment began in 2010. The feature is intended for small purchases of everyday life. According to the groupement des cartes bancaires, in December 2016, more than 40 million cards are equipped with a non-contact, or 63, 5% of the stock of the bank cards. In front, 494.000 traders are occupied terminals for allowing this payment.

The benefits cited are many : no more card to insert, to gain time, no more problems of forgotten code, possible scam limited to, the payment providing an adequate level of security and the amount to pay is very limited.

But the contactless payment presents significant risks of piracy, often cleared by it security professionals. In case of loss or theft of bank card for example, if the consumer does not make the opposition very quickly, this allows anyone to use ; it is also possible to use your card without contact from a phone. The card, the same row in the pocket, can be fraudée at a distance. Personal information (last name, first name, postal address and telephone number) can also be exploited by hackers due to the payment without contact. It is possible to remove this option without contact, by calling its customer adviser.


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