Thursday, January 26, 2017

London: publication of the draft law on the triggering of Brexit – The Obs

London (AFP) – The british government published on Thursday the bill he will submit to the Parliament to be allowed to start the negotiations out of the european Union, announced the ministry of Brexit.

Entitled “Draft law of the european Union (withdrawal notice)”, the document, very short, asked the parliamentarians to “give the power to the First minister to notify, according to the article 50 of the treaty of the european Union, the Uk intended to withdraw from the EU”.

This publication takes place two days after the decision of the supreme Court requiring the government to obtain parliamentary approval before you can activate the article 50, which launched the negotiations of exit from the EU.

This bill “simple”, “will be presented to the house of Commons and the house of Lords before getting royal assent before the deadline of 31 march,” said the ministry in a press release.

“I trust the european parliament has voted in favour of the referendum by six against one, to respect the decision taken by the british people and to quickly validate this bill,” said David Davis, the minister responsible for the Brexit.

The draft law will be presented and discussed before the House of Commons on Tuesday and Wednesday and then on February 8, when it will be submitted to a vote, said the government. It will then be presented to the house of Lords, the upper house of parliament, before being submitted to the Queen.

- “As expeditious as possible” -

The First minister Theresa May has promised to activate it before the end of march article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering a Brexit. His government has said that the vote of deputies should not question this schedule.

on Wednesday, Theresa May has also indicated accept finally to clarify its strategy for the Brexit in a “white paper” that called for crying out the opposition, and as recommended by the parliamentary commission on Brexit.

Mrs May has previously refused to do, stating that she had been sufficiently explicit in his speech of January 17, defending a break “and clear” with the european Union involving the release of the single market in order to regain control of the country’s borders.

Despite the insistence of the leader of the opposition labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, however, it did not want to give a date of publication of the document.

“We’re going to first introduce the bill and then publish the white paper in a timely manner”, stressed a spokesman for Ms. May. She said that this book would “be based on the speech” of January 17.

Thursday, David Davis has provided in front of the deputies the government’s intent to be “as expeditious as practicable” in view of a speedy adoption.

It should not pose difficulties, because even if the government has only a narrow majority in the house of Commons, the Labour party, the main opposition party, has promised not to block the bill.

However, Mr Corbyn has announced that the labour party would table amendments asking for guarantees on access to the single market and the protection of workers ‘ rights. The scottish national Party (SNP) also drop 50 amendments” to the government bill.


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