Monday, January 30, 2017

Cigarettes: the brands Vogue and Marlboro Gold soon to be banned? – The Express

The sale of cigarettes will soon undergo a double stroke of the brake. On one side, the price of cigarettes will increase for the first time in three years. On the other, some brands of which the image conveyed is too positive – should be prohibited.

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If no such date has not yet been released, a decree should be published in the week in the Official Journal, according to Europe 1, to indicate an increase of the tobacco, a few months after the onset of the packets neutral. Co-authored by Bercy and the ministry of Health should enact”an increase of 20 cents in average per-packet” and up to “1.60 per packet of rolling tobacco”.

However, the signature of the minister of Health is required to validate the registration of the price of cigarettes – and thus their presence in the rays. This time, Marisol Touraine, therefore, could prohibit the sale of certain brands. A measure that it wants for a long time.

The application of a european directive

Vogue, Marlboro Gold or cigarillos Café crème would be affected, according to Europe 1… The name of these cigarettes is in fact judged to be too attractive so that they can still be sold in France, and this, in spite of the packets neutral.

To motivate the prohibition, the ministry of Health is based on the eu directive 2014 on tobacco products. It provides, inter alia, that we should not encourage the consumption of tobacco in using tobacco products or their packaging” which could suggest “mildness”.

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The text specifies that: “some packaging and tobacco products could also mislead consumers by suggesting a beneficial effect in terms of weight loss, sex appeal, social status, social life or qualities such as femininity, masculinity or elegance. In the same way, the length and the presentation of cigarettes could mislead consumers by creating the impression that they are less harmful”.

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The “slim” Vogue, especially attractive women can quite match up to this description. As to “Coffee with cream”, nothing that the brand name would trivialize the fact of smoking. Cigarettes Lucky Strike ["Stroke of luck"] would have, themselves, escaped the ban.

The marks should have a year to respond, according to Le Figaro: changing name or removing the marketing of the range.


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