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Wages : small increase in public-sector and private –

In France, the net wages increased by 1% on average in 2014, public and private combined, according to a study of the Dares…

Wages : small increase in the public and private sector

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( — In 2014, in the private sector and the public enterprises, the monthly remuneration of full-time equivalent employees increased 1% to come out at 2.225 euros net, according to a study by Dares, department attached to the ministry of Labour, revealed this Friday.

The employees who remained on the same position and those of the large companies are the first to take part…

“The employees remained on the same job between 2013 and 2014 (83% of the workforce in EQTP) receive higher than average remuneration (2.9% more). Within this category of employees, the people who have the same amount of work in 2013 and 2014 (to 54.4%) had salaries that were significantly higher (+9%),” one can read in the study. On the other hand, “employees changing job from one year to the other (less than 10%) receive a net pay lower than 8.9%”, adds the Dares.

big business first

If wages increase in all firms, the average increase of net remuneration in those with over 500 employees is 1.4%, compared to only +0.5% in very small companies.

“The acceleration in wages has been especially pronounced in businesses with 100 to 249 employees. The evolution of the net average salary of a EQTP increased from +0.6% in 2013 to +1.3% in 2014″, the study says.

Acceleration in the bank and insurance

the increase in wages for most sectors, with the exception of the construction and the “coking, refining”. A significant increase is noted in the industry and the tertiary sector, driven by the salaries of officers (respectively +1.1%, after 0.5% and +0.9%, after the-0.4%). On the other hand, in the construction sector still in the barely two years ago, executive salaries have continued to decline (-0,4% -1,2%).

By branch of activity, the acceleration the more pronounced concern banks, financial institutions and insurance (+1.9% following +0.5% in 2013) and the education offices and business services (+1.7% after +0.2% in 2013)”.

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