Sunday, January 29, 2017

Voters to the polls to decide between Valls and Hamon – Boursorama



PARIS (Reuters) – The electorate vote on Sunday to designate the socialist candidate in the presidential election after a campaign marked by discussions, sometimes arguments between Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls, proponents of two-line antagonists, in particular regarding economy and labour law.

The outcome of this second-round decide on possible alliances in view of the presidential and legislative elections, as the future of a socialist Party torn between its right wing and its left wing.

Manuel Valls, who said this week that he could not defend the project of Benoît Hamon – favorite – if he was beaten, was presented in recent days as the only person to win the presidential election in the face to the right and the extreme right.

The ex-Prime minister, who has received 31.5 percent of votes in the first round last week, appeared relaxed Sunday morning after being voted in Evry (Essonne).

“we need to respect the choice, the vote of the electorate, but everything is possible and nothing is written”, he told the press. “I just hope that more French will go to vote today compared to last Sunday”.

Some 1.6 million people had made the movement in the polls last Sunday, against 2.6 million in the first round of the socialist primaries of 2011.

The rate of participation has given rise to a imbroglio, the final figures of the poll published Monday evening by the High authority of the primary being much lower than that, “nearly two million”, announced in a prime-time.


If he wins on Sunday night, Benoît Hamon, representative of a left wing of the socialist Party, until then a minority, would be propelled to the first rank of the party.

“It has always been hard to gather the left for that either, but I think it will appear necessary in light of the risk of having to attend liabilities to a second round between the right and the extreme right,” said the former minister of Education after having voted in Trappes (Yvelines).

“on the other hand, when one sees the urgency to address issues such as work, or the ecological conversion of the economy, or even the 6th Republic, in fact the gateways are many and I believe that they invite us to the responsibility”, he added.

Face the challenge of attracting the elected obstinate, the deputy of the Yvelines department, which received 36% of the vote in the first round and received the support of Arnaud Montebourg came third, said this week that he would do “all necessary actions” to the gathering.

Aware of the issue, the Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, majority leader, meet on Monday morning at the prime minister’s office whole of government “for a collective discussion” on the election results, a-t-on learned from a government source.

“Benoît Hamon, if it is the winner, what I hope, will be in charge difficult to bring together all left forces, to begin with (the candidate of France’s rebellious-ED) Jean-Luc Mélenchon and (the candidate of Europe-Ecologie-Les-Verts-editor’s NOTE) Yannick Jadot”, stressed Sunday the ex-minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg.

“This is not convenient, but it is the only possibility for us to prevail in a few months”, he said to the press after voting in the Saône-et-Loire.

(Marine Pennetier, edited by Jean-Philippe Leffief)


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