Sunday, January 29, 2017

Order Trump : in country after country, many passengers are deprived of travel in the United States – The Parisian

airlines have to apply the decree of Donald Trump, and many travelers are privy to around the world travel to the United States.

Le decree of the american president Donald Trump prohibiting entry into the United States from nationals of the seven predominantly muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen) messes things up, and it has effects throughout the world, where passengers were denied boarding.

In France. Air France said on Sunday to have refused to board fifteen people to the United States since the signing of the decree Trump. Such passengers are nationals of the seven countries mentioned in the decree, “but this does not mean that they were necessarily of these countries,” said a spokesman. “No one is blocked in Paris, we took the necessary steps to redirect these people to their point of origin,” he said. Air France has planned to prevent the passengers by email or SMS on the new rules, avoid take a flight and be denied once we arrived in Paris to board an Air France flight to the United States.

on Sunday evening, the airline said in a statement that it was required to “comply with the entry requirements of the country it serves and is not permitted to embark, knowingly, passengers for a destination to which access is forbidden”. Air France adds that it “does not conform to international rules that govern the air transport, it is required to comply with”. All other airlines operating flights to the United States have proceeded in the same way

Air France has planned to prevent the passengers by email or SMS of new rules.

in The United States. dozens of passengers, between 100 and 200 according to the daily New York Times, were arrested upon their arrival in the u.s. airports and threatened with deportation. In particular, since the promulgation of the decree on Friday evening, two Iraqis, however visa holders have been arrested at the airport JF Kennedy of New York.

While the defenders of civil rights were mobilizing to show their support for the stranded passengers, the associations for the defence of the rights of man, have obtained the partial blocking of evictions for a judge.

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In Austria. At least three Iranians have been prohibited from boarding on Saturday for the United States to the Vienna airport, said a spokesman for Austrian Airlines. The three passengers, an elderly couple and a young woman were all in possession of visas for the United States, said Peter Thier at the news agency of austria (APA). The couple is still in Vienna, while the young woman is returned to Iran, according to him.

In Egypt. In Cairo, an iraqi couple and two children who had booked tickets on a flight of egypt air and had visas for the United States would not have been able to embark, said Saturday officials from the airport. According to a manager of EgyptAir, the company had not been officially informed of new regulations and its website, no information was given on the new rules in force, for travel in the United States.

In Iran. officials from The two travel agencies said they had received instructions from the companies Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways, not to sell ticket to iran with a u.s. visa because they refused to embark.

Maryam, an Iranian woman of 44 who had obtained his “green card” (residence permit) in October after 14 years of waiting has shown to have been prevented on Saturday night to take a plane to the United States. She had sold her home and wanted to leave permanently in this country. An Iranian, a student of management in California, which was scheduled to return on February 4, the United States said on condition of anonymity: “I had a ticket on Turkish (Airlines) on the 4th of February next, but it was cancelled”.

Iran has denounced the decision as “insulting” to the United States, and announced the principle of reciprocity for u.s. travelers.

in The netherlands. The Dutch company KLM has refused to embark seven people to the United States. “We would have loved to travel with us but this did not make much sense, the entry of the country would have been denied,” said a spokesman for KLM. It has refused to give details about the nationality of these passengers, the airport of origin or their destinations.

Switzerland. Swiss apply “now” the decree Trump, she has “no choice”, said on Saturday its director general for the French-speaking Switzerland. “We have the legal obligation to enforce this decree,” added Lorenzo Stoll on the Radio télévision suisse (RTS), specifying, nevertheless, that there is “very little””of nationals of the seven countries concerned, which are transiting through Zurich and Geneva on flights of Swiss.


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