Friday, January 27, 2017

Households are regaining their optimism prior to the crisis, Le Figaro

In January, households ‘confidence in the future has reached its highest level for the past 10 years,” said the Insee.

It’s official: the French have well and truly regained the moral, according to the latest statistics released by Insee on Friday. In January, the indicator increased by one percentage point compared to last month, reaching the threshold of 100 points. It found its long-term average and a sign to its highest level in ten years, says the public body. To establish this index, the Insee questioned households on their personal situation and their perception of the economic developments in general. The indicator is a key element to assess the level of future consumption, a major driver of growth in France with the investment.

In detail, the opinion of households on their personal financial situation, future has earned three points. “[He] found the average level of long period of time, that it had not reached since September 2007,” notes the institute. After a slight decline the previous month, the balance of opinion about their savings capacity earns 1 point. “Households considering that it is advisable to save are more numerous: the corresponding balance returned to the 5 points lost in December”, complete economists.

On the evolution of the economic situation in general, households expressed a confidence measured in terms of their standard of living in the future. The balance is almost stable and its level of long period of time. Unemployment? The fears subside, since the balance of opinion has decreased by three points, following a sharp reduction since October. As an indication, the number of job seekers has declined 111.300 in 2016, according to the latest figures from the ministry of Labour, published last January 24. Since the election of François Hollande, the number of unemployed has, however, increased by about 600,000.


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