Monday, January 30, 2017

The ceiling of payment of the contactless cards soon raised to 30 euros – Franceinfo

The goal : generalize the use of the bank card. Contactless payment will be adjusted by a purchasing card to a maximum amount of 30 euros from the fall, compared to 20 euros maximum currently indicated by the groupement des cartes bancaires, Monday, January 30.

This enhancement will take place in several steps. First, from march to September, the payment terminals merchants will be set up to accept the new ceiling. Then, from October onwards, will be issued the new contactless payment cards to settle with the new limit.

On the other hand, the cards in circulation at this time will not be able to use this ceiling of € 30 and will remain limited to a maximum amount of 20 euros. The groupement des cartes bancaires CB is estimated that 40% of card holders will be able to pay in non-contact with the new ceiling of 30 euros by the end of 2018, based on the rate of renewal of cards.

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