Saturday, January 28, 2017

Phone : 4G for the forgotten of the Internet – The Parisian

Bouygues Telecom has launched a set-top box connected to its 4G network. Reserved for homes in a white area, the bid has already attracted several thousands of people.

This new 4G box has changed my life and that of my two boys ! Before, it was hell, ” says Scott Master, who lives in a hamlet near the small town of Jaunay-Marigny (Vienna).

It is one of the first to have the new 4G box de Bouygues Telecom. On the market since Monday, she has the vocation to address the problem areas, say white, those who do not have access to the fixed Internet, but also where the flow rate is very low. Ten million people are eligible to this offer.

” As we live 4 km from the node of connection of subscribers, we could not have tv and the Internet browsing was very very slow, continued Sylvain. Today, all of our needs are met : we have four smartphones, two tablets and two computers. Even connected all together in wi-fi, the speed is top ! My children come to play in the network, and even the bottom of the garden, 80 m, I try to connect. “

price : 29,99 € per month for the subscription — no commitment — more than 3 € rental of the box. There are another 19 € for file fees, referred to as ” costs of provision “. It is also necessary to provide for 19 € in the event of termination. The volume of data is unlimited and you can surf at will. Currently, Bouygues is offering the first month’s subscription.

a Genuine alternative to the bad connection in ADSL, this box connected to a hit since its marketing last Monday. The operator listed on the stock Exchange does not wish to give precise figures, but it would have already sold several thousand units.

social networks rustle of this success : “Thank you 4G box, goodbye ADSL !” he exclaims, and Jerome. “And this is the flow that I have in my corner “, just tweet to his side @Hoxhac, which posts a speed test showing 31 Mbit/s downstream rate. A very good score… it has not always in the city.

Carried out by the specialist in chinese telecom networks Huawei, the 4G box contains a SIM card which allows it to connect to the mobile network Bouygues. You can connect up to 32 devices over wi-fi or through the ethernet jack. In theory, this solution allows to navigate at a maximum speed of 115 Mbit/s, throughput rarely available in 4G.

To find out if you are eligible for the offer, go in a shop of the operator or on its website.


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