Monday, January 23, 2017

Free trade : Trump signs the act of withdrawal of the United States in the trans-pacific Partnership – The World

This partnership, seen as a counterweight to the growing influence of China, was signed in 2015 by twelve Asia-Pacific countries, but has not yet entered into force.

Donald Trump during his inauguration speech in Washington, January 20.

Donald Trump started his first week at the White House by marking a desire of weakening the actions taken under the Obama era. The american president has signed on Monday the 23rd of January, in the Oval office, a document putting an end to the participation of the United States in the treaty of free trade trans-pacific (TPP), a hotly negotiated for years by the Obama administration.

The treaty, seen as a counterweight to the growing influence of China, was signed in 2015 by twelve Asia-Pacific countries, representing 40 % of the global economy, but has not yet entered into force. During his campaign, Donald Trump had withdrawn from an agreement with ” great “, to the contrary, according to him, the interests of american workers.

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A treaty that puts China on the button

Among the topics negotiated : the raising of standards in the field of labour law – a very sensitive issue for a country like Vietnam, but also the recognition of an open Internet, or even the commitment not to subsidize the public enterprises in the sectors open to competition.

According to the american Commission of international trade (USITC), the TPP would have helped to increase the gross domestic product american of 0.15 % by 2032, and its exports of 1 %. But the real challenge of a treaty which, from the outset, has left Beijing on the sidelines, is diplomatic. The trans-pacific Partnership was at the heart of the strategy of the “pivot” to Asia championed by Mr. Obama. With the ambition to counterbalance the growing influence of China.

Mexico claims negotiations

The mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced on Monday that his country will open the ” immediately “ of the bilateral negotiations with the signatory countries of the treaty of free trade trans-pacific. The head of the mexican State launched to Donald Trump that he was ” neither confrontation, or submission : the solution is in the dialogue and negotiations “, he said during a press conference.

” Mexico does not believe in the walls “, but ” bridges “ has yet declared the mexican president. the ” We will work for a border that unites us, not divides us “ he added.


The us president has also signed on Monday a decree prohibiting the funding with federal funds from international NGOS that support abortion.

This decision is likely to strongly worry about the us association of family planning and the defence of the rights of woman, and that the new president is surrounded in his government of senior officials openly hostile to the abortion right. These restrictions had been put back in place by republican George W. Bush and rescinded again by democratic Barack Obama.

The new president has promised to appoint to the supreme Court a judge staunchly opposed to abortion, stating that this new balance of power in the high court could eventually lead to ” automatically “ on the cancellation of ” Roe V. Wade “, the stop iconic that legalized abortion in 1973 in the United States.

other decisions to come

Donald Trump has promised that his first week would be dedicated to take measures to lower taxes massively, and drastically reduce regulation in the United States.

” We are going to sign tirelessly, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and same thing the following week “, had warned in New York ten days ago, referring to his campaign promises, from immigration to energy by way of the international trade.

After a first weekend chaotic in the course of which its opponents have made a demonstration of force in the street, and its spokesperson has been accused of lying, the republican president wants to act quickly.

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Receiving twelve business leaders at the White House Monday morning, he promised cuts that ” mass “ taxes and has shown its willingness to reduce the regulatory ” to 75 %, maybe more “, without giving any precision on the exact nature of the envisaged reforms.

” the problem with regulation that we have today is that you can do nothing (…). I’ve received a lot of awards for the environment, but some of these things make it impossible to build anything, “, he even said in the presence in particular of Mark Fields (CEO of Ford), Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin) or even Alex Gorsky (Johnson & Johnson).

Donald Trump sued by an association of anti-corruption

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, an association of anti-corruption, filed a complaint Monday, January 23, against Donald Trump. She is accused of violating the u.s. Constitution because of the income that it continues to receive from foreign countries.

The assets of the Trump Organization abroad as in the United States expose the president of the United States to numerous allegations of conflict of interest, according to experts in ethics, and lawyers who have supported the complaint of the NGO.

The plaintiffs assert that Mr. Trump violated a clause of the u.s. Constitution by continuing to collect ” money and favours from foreign governments, of customers of its hotels, land leases, and real estate transactions abroad “. Mr. Trump has immediately considered the complaint, ” without any merit “.


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